Difference Between Steam Room And Sauna Health Benefits Of Steam Room


Saunas offer dry heat therapy, as compared to steam rooms that provide moist heat. Saunas become hot at 100 degree Celsius, whereas the steam rooms hover around 100-14 degrees Fahrenheit. Taking either of hot baths, whether from steam or sauna, is good for health because both help in blood pumping and metabolism-revving

But some people find it difficult to breathe properly in the sauna. Those who suffer from respiratory problems like sinusitis or asthma may get relief in the steam room. People who suffer from aches or discomfort, and pains may get benefits from the steam room. Read more to take insights into the difference between the steam room and the sauna.

What is a steam room?

A steam room is considered a space that allows the little airflow in which steam is continuously pumped by a steam generator and reaches humidity levels at 100%. To prevent steam from condensing on the wall or dripping down into bathers, the steam rooms are tiled with ceramic material. The proper functionality of steam rooms ensures to induce that perspiration cleanses the body.

What is sauna?

What is sauna

The sauna is drier and hotter than steam rooms. Traditionally, saunas heat the air of the room, whereas the infrared type of saunas heats the components with carbon and charcoal fibres as heating sources.

Water is easily poured on a stone at regular intervals to produce a dense cloud of steam, and the stone is put on the heater. It results in an increase in sauna temperature by some degrees, and the steam dissipates immediately.

Mostly, the sauna features seats and hardwood interiors that are made up of the same material. It is insulated to keep in the heat but not vulnerable to seepage water from outside.

Difference between the steam room and sauna

There are many factors that make the steam room and sauna apart from each other. If you are confused about choosing the best option between both, then here is the difference you make look at

  1. Bath

Saunas provide both dry and wet sessions to people in their space. But in the case of the steam room, it provides too hot or very wet sessions.

  1. Heat generation

Saunas has a stove situated inside to produce heat. But it is not the case in the steam room. The steam room has an external steam generator that produces heat outside.

  1. Temperature

The temperature of the sauna lies between 70 degree Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius. The steam room temperature ranges from 115 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Benefits

Sauna helps to stimulate muscles, reduce stress hormones, improve health, and lower the blood pressure of humans. On the other hand, the steam rooms help to soothe the irritation and give you relief from asthma and congestion problems.

  1. Risk

If the sauna room is too hot, then it causes humidity in the space and also leads the excessive thirst in people. In the case of the steam room, too much heat leads to rapid heartbeat, dizziness, excessive thirst, vertigo, etc.

  1. Preference

People who like dry heat or do not want to enjoy moist heat sessions should prefer the sauna. People who do not enjoy the dry heat should choose the steam rooms.

Health benefits of the steam room and sauna

The health benefits of the steam room and sauna are almost the same. Both sessions help to improve circulation and increase blood flow.

  • It reduces blood pressure by broadening the blood arteries.
  • Your muscle tension is also reduced, and stress is reduced in addition to other benefits of yoga for health.
  • Steam rooms help to get relief from nasal congestion because of wet heat. Sauna and steam room help to increase perspiration and remove toxins from your body.
  • It is used to purify your skin and make it glow. In this way, you can get relief from acne on your face.


It is suggested to drink enough water before entering the sauna. If you experience high blood pressure, epilepsy, or low blood pressure, then you will not use the steam room. Some people claim that they can reduce their body weight in a sauna and steam room, but there is no scientific evidence present to prove this claim true.

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