Monday, January 30, 2023


Who is Balamani Amma | google doodle celebrated 113th birthday of Balamani Amma

Recently google doodle celebrated 113th birthday of famous Indian poet Balamani Amma, known as the grandmother of Malayam literature. She is born in Kerala’s...

kya kar rahe ho in english

kya kar rahe ho ko english me kya bole. what are you doing - iska matlab hota hai ki kya kr rhe ho.

JoinPD – What is Join Pear Deck Session 2022

The covid19 pandemic has changed the education system to a large extent. It moved from a traditional model to an online and remote model....

How To Find Nearest Metro Station In India

Introduction Trying to find your way around India can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how to get from A to B. Fortunately,...

VFX full form – The Ultimate Guide To Visual Effects In Movies

VFX full form - Visual Effects The use of VFX has become increasingly prevalent in the film industry. What started as a few simple computer...
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