Wellhealth Ayurvedic Health Tips For Winter


Ayurveda has long been important in the traditional health medicine of India. Translated as ‘the technical know-how of life’, it holds the historical secrets of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Every person can keep himself healthy and fit with Ayurvedic treatment and lifestyle advice.

During winter, we have to take even better care of our body. And for this, some tips have been given in Ayurveda which we are sharing with you.

Ayurveda suggests you get hot oil massages, which is super at some stage in the winter months. It’s a superb way to begin your day in winter with an Ayurvedic Body Massage oil before you head for the shower.

Please give it a while to get absorbed in your body. That affects your blood movement and reduces your strain. During the bath, ensure that the water is not too cold or not too hot. Furthermore, please don’t be too dependent on the use of cleaning soap because it strips away the oils for the duration of the winter.

  • Deal with dry scalp.

Winter months deliver way dry scalp that later becomes the breeding floor for dandruff, flakes, and itches. As the blood movement for your scalp is successful all through winter months, it becomes all of the way more critical to rub down the equal with your fingertips.

Moreover, it is suggested to stay aware that winter makes your hair prone to breakage. So, it is suggested to use light palms for massaging. Hair Oils that bring inclusions of Bhringaraj, Brahmi, and Amla outstanding nourishment to your hairs

  • Use healthy herbs

Ayurveda also suggests you use herbs to heal. Winter is the proper time to spice up your life and keep the body healthy. Digestive fire is powerful at the moment of year, which is why we’re normally more than glad to consume a touch extra than we would in the Summer. Specific herbs and spices can help warm the frame and keep the digestive fireplace, additionally referred to as ‘agni’.

  • Love thy feet

While considerable interest is paid toward other body elements, your feet need care and love, particularly in the course of the winter season, when they tend to grow cracks and different blemishes.

A good way to rejuvenate yourself is to keep them soaked in heated water and add an aggregate of essential oils like rosemary, lavender, etc. Soak your feet in heated water for at least 10-15 minutes, and use a pumice stone to assist in cleaning away the useless cells. It gives great relief to your feet.

  • Use oil on your skin.

While we talk about skincare in winter, skin faces huge issues. After all, our face might be the only element that gets no cowl compared to different components of our frame.

On winter days, it becomes extra vital, and you use a headscarf or a muffler to cover your face and neck location, stopping it from catching a cold. During the cold days, it is suggested to use sesame Oil to keep your body moisturized.

  • A Diet to Pacify the Vata

Taking care of your pores, skin, and body parts is important in winter. So, it is suggested to preserve vata and go through a better weight loss program. For this, you must use stews, chilies, and warm soups and ensure the right intake of meals in winter. Keep yourself packed with the goodness of leafy vegetables and grains to preserve your Vata under management and obtain top-quality balance.

  • Stay calm and add color.

You should keep warm and add colors to your life, especially in winter. Colors like orange, gold, deep reds, and mustard are simple but make the best way to encourage a pleasing, cozy sensation, whether worn as apparel or draped across the house.


Wearing a hat and headscarf is beneficial in winter months, but you should also follow the above ayurvedic tips. The head is a vital area to keep heat and cover in case your external surroundings are bloodless and unpredictable. Keeping the extremities warm generally can help the frame’s inner environment stay balanced and nourished. It is simple to overlook the top, but a good way is to ensure feelings of protection, calmness, and security in winter.

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