8 Best Rooftop Tents To Have On Trip, In Australia

Rooftop Tent

In Australia, rooftop tents are widely popular among campers! Each coming with its lucrative perks rooftop tents are above regular ground tents. Prioritising your safety they are raised above from the ground keeping you away from potential hazards such as reptiles, ants, rats, insects, and mosquitoes.

Utilising a rooftop can turn out to be a wonderful asset during your hiking adventures and road trips. So, to utilize one you will first have to search for a rooftop tent suitable for you. Since the prices of rooftop tents vary, come up with a budget and explore distinct types of rooftop tents before you start shopping. 

It will eventually allow you to choose one that fits your needs without overspending and choosing a less suitable rooftop. So, let’s look at some of the best rooftop tents that you can try out in Australia:

1. Darche Panorama 1400 

The Darche Panorama 1400 is a spacious rooftop with an adaptable design and high durability due to the use of robust materials to withstand all kinds of harsh weather in Australia. Its features are outstanding compared to traditional tents. 

You will get a large sleeping domain, with 1 Panoramic Sunroof, and 1 ventilation window on each side of the tent in this rooftop.

2. Front Runner Adventure Comfort Roof Top Tent

The Front Runner Adventure Comfort rooftop tent is one of the lightest rooftop tents available today. It could be as tall as 55 inches and comes with a sliding ladder rather than a telescoping ladder. 

Handy features like quick and easy installation, lightweight mattress, and waterproof material make it a comfortable and portable tent.

3. 23Zero Dakota 2200 Rooftop Tent With LST

The 23Zero Dakota 2200 rooftop tents with LST are well known for their eco-friendly and comfortable experience, For overlanding and off-road adventures this tent should be your go-to option as it is loaded with a rugged built and preinstalled annexe. 

This rooftop tent with massive space could turn out to be a great deal for couples and solo campers with their kids or pets.

4. Darche Hi-View 2200 Roof Top Tent

If you are someone who avoids complex tent setups then ‘The Darche Hi-View 2200 rooftop tent’ could turn out to be your ideal choice. It comes with a short setup and pack-down design. Simply unfold your rooftop tent, lower the telescopic staircase, and drift off under the zippered sky window to enjoy the starry night skies.

5. iKamper SkyCamp 2X

A hard-shelled and premium rooftop tent known for its ease of use and uncomplicated setup features. iKamper SkyCamp 2X offers large spacing with a hydraulic opening system that allows you to set it up instantly.

The broad spacing is ample and may comfortably accommodate up to four campers. In addition, it has a skylight and several other resources that makes it an excellent choice for campers of all experience levels.

6. Adventure Kings 4WD Weekender Roof Top Tent

The Adventure Kings 4WD Weekender rooftop tent is a budget-friendly rooftop tent that is perfect for occasional campers. Convenient to set up and pack down, it features a comfortable mattress and a built-in awning. The tent is also made from durable materials and is weatherproof.

7. Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII Aluminium Rooftop Tent

The Adventure Kings Grand Tourer MKII Aluminium rooftop tent is lightweight and compact with an aluminium frame ideal for small vehicles and SUVs. It is simple to assemble and disassemble, and it includes a comfy mattress of 75mm. being composed of a strong material you can open all 4 sides without losing stability.

8. ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent

The ARB Simpson III rooftop tent is the ultimate travelling tent. During the travel all bedding can easily be kept inside the tent, freeing up your valuable storage space in the vehicle and allowing the tent to be a convenient use-pack-go product.

It features a rugged construction material and a variety of other features that make it ideal for long camping trips.


Planning to camp in remote areas or off-roading, is something that should be well-calculated while on a trip. Start by choosing a rooftop tent that is durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions in Australia.

If you will be camping in more developed areas, you can get away with less expensive and durable tents. Rooftop tents are very straightforward to set up and use, unlike traditional tents. Knowing the types of rooftop tents available you can choose one fitting your needs.

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