Different Kinds Of Taper Fade Haircuts That Every Man Love

Taper Fade Haircuts

The taper fade haircut is the preferred choice for men, as it serves as the foundation for a handsome look. The durability and versatility of taper fade make this haircut popular among stars and celebrities.

A tapered haircut is one of the best men’s haircuts. The taper haircut is different from the fade haircut, which involves fading hairs on the side and back to a shorter length. Read more to know about the taper fades haircut for men.

1. An undercut and quaff

An undercut and quaff
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This undercut hairstyle combines the taper fade with short and long hair and creates a contrast of light and dark tones. The bleached top of this hairstyle adds an edgy and bold touch to complete the look.

2. A fade with a curly top

fade with a curly top
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This hairstyle combines several styling techniques and results in a groomed and polished look. The top of the hair is full of voluminous and full, as curls, give the best look when anyone looks at you. The side gives the taper fade and drop subtle to blend into the beard. Overall, it makes the men look stylish and neat.

3. Side standard part

This hairstyle combines the modern taper fade with the traditional side part and results in a retro and sleek look for men. The blend of contemporary and classic provide the style timeless appeal that every man wishes to have.

4. Disconnected drop fade

Disconnected drop fade
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This hairstyle turns the head with a combination of curly and long hairs and defined and sharp parts. It results in a disconnected, versatile, and stylish look as you wear it with short or messy hair. Disconnected drop fade haircuts make the eye-catching and dynamic style of men.

5. Brushed taper fade

Brushed taper fade
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The brushed taper fade is the perfect hairstyle for men who want to get a carefree and messy look. It highlights the tousled and rough hair, so if locks are seen naturally unruly, then you can play up with quality for laid back and stylish look.

6. Neat, clean fade

Neat, clean fade
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One famous haircut option for men is a neat, clean fade that consists of a clean shave around your neck down to your chin. This haircut provides a seamless transition from black hair contrast against the pale skin of men. It helps to create a cohesive and polished look that turns heads.

7. Messy curls

Curly locks and haircuts on men appear stunning. This informal and laid-back style is suitable for guys that have curly hair, and it is challenging to their style. It exudes an effortless and carefree vibe that turns heads.

8. Side-turned style with tapered ends

This hairstyle helps to combine the casual taper fade with a tossed and modern look.  It results in an eye-catching and stylish look that makes a statement.  This tape-faded haircut is noteworthy for men. This hairstyle is suitable for men who have thin hair because it helps them to create the illusion of more fullness and volume.  In this way, this fashionable and versatile haircut ensures to be a hit.

9. Styled brush back

Styled brush back
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This haircut is considered the classic back hairstyle for men that give you an elegant look. This hairstyle features a combined top with sides tapered down and mixed into a beard.  The well-groomed beard and sharp lineups add attention and keep the face balanced.  It exudes class and ensures to turn heads where men go.

10. Textured top and tape up

Textured top and tape up
Source: pinterest.com

This hairstyle may be the perfect choice for men who have fine and straight hair.  It shows the hair’s natural texture and also adds the textured top for more interest.  Usually, the bangs of this hairstyle are noteworthy, as it seems blended with a heavier top for a stylish and cohesive look.

It is one of the best versatile taper fade hairstyles for men that suits them on various occasions and is easy to customize according to their preferences and personality.


The best thing about adopting the taper fade haircut is that it gives you the freedom to look in different styles. But for most things, when it comes to styling the classic hairstyle of taper fade, you should use a product that shapes your hair on top with a style that matches you to run your fingers quickly and move it to one side or another.

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