10 Top Wine Brands in India

10 Top Wine Brands in India

Wine is a colored and strong alcoholic beverage that is loved by people around the world. The word “Wine” is derived from the proto-Germanic word “winam,” which translates into beverage produced by grapes.

Wine Brands in India

Wine has become part of popular culture and has become the best alcoholic drink for billion of people all over the world. There are many popular wine brands that provide you with quality test wine. If you also want to become a wine consumer, you should know about the best wine brands given below.

  1. Sula

Sula is a synonymous name with Indian wines. Sula focuses on producing various wine products to meet the growing wine appreciation and needs in the world.  This wine brand has many affordable options that create in the wine capital of India, Nashik.

Features of Sula

  • Sula sells white, red, sparkling and rose wines at cheap prices to people.
  • The Sula wine brand in Nashik is equipped with a resort and creates good wine experience tours.
  1. Grover zampa

Grover Sampa is considered a legend in all wine brands and makes a substantial presence in international and domestic markets wine. Due to the popularity and quality of this wine brand, it is determined that this brand will replace the old wine brand in the world.

Features of Grover Zampa

  • The oldest wine brand in India is owned by Grover Zampa that are operate from 1988
  • This brand was set up by founder Kanwal Grover, who is known as the pioneer of Indian wines.
  1. Fratelli

Fratelli wine brand is set in a 240-acre vineyard in the Akui area of Maharashtra. It is the leading wine brand in India that sells wines in different varieties, including white, red, rose, sparkling, etc.

Features of Fratelli

  • Fratelli Wines was established in 2007 and has become an integral part of the growing wine demand in India.
  • The vineyards combine climate, terroir, and crop to bring the favorite wine profile.
  1. KRSMA

KRSMA is one of the best wine brands in India that is located in Hampi in Karnataka. This brand has been working in the market since 2008. This name is placed of this wine brand after name Krishna (Kris) and Uma ( MA) by its founders

Features of KRSMA

  • KRSMA Estates are featured on the best vineyards 2021 list all over the world.
  • It sells the exclusive version of Sangiovese in Bangalore.
  1. Rhythm

Rhythm is considered the mainstream Indian wine brand that mostly sells fruit wines. This brand also works like the top Indian brands of wines. It is situated in Maharashtra on the outskirts of Pune.

Features of Rhythm

  • This wine brand produces strawberry, pineapple, peach, kiwi, and plum wines.
  • All fruit wines produced by this wine brand and Rhythm create the Indian palate.
  1. Four seasons

FourSeasonss is another leading wine brand based in Bengaluru. It has become the biggest alcohol producer in the world. This brand produces wine bottling named-  Zinzi and Four Seasons.

Features of four seasons

  • The winery is situated in Baramati and gets a 1 million annual case capacity.
  • They sell the red, rose, and white varieties of wine
  1. York

York Wines is considered a highly awarded wine brand in India. It is founded with the mission to create the coolest wine all over the country, and York Wines provide various wines across grapes type to their customers.

Features of York wine

  • York Winery is situated in a 9-acre vineyard in Nashik.
  • The location permits good drainage, great terroir, and superior grape crop.
  1. Charosa

Another popular wine brand of India from nashik is charosa, which is situated in the mecca of wines.  The establishment of this wine brand is set on 230 acres and provides the right climate and landscape to bring fine flavors to nature.

Features of charosa

  • This new wine brand in India was established in 2014.
  • The winery brings the best tasting sessions and extensive experience tours that guarantee an amazing experience at a cheap rate.
  1. Vallonne

Vallonne is considered the best boutique wine brand that is situated in Igatpuri, Mumbai. The brand provides the plush resort with tours and rooms at the winery for those who are interested in an immersive experience.

Features of vallonne

  • Vallonne was established as the first boutique wine brand in the country that established in 2009.
  • This wine brand produces red, rose, white, reserved, and dessert wines.


Wine is the most enjoyed spirit by people in the world. With various types and varieties of grains, there is a list of the best wine brands. You can choose any of your favorite brands and choose the best wine according to your region, budget, and taste.

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