What to Expect from the Curriculum of In-Person Business Classes


When it’s time to pursue business and entrepreneurship, you’ll need the right training to do it. Whether you are fresh out of high school or continuing your education later in life, in-person business classes Rochester are the best way to go. There are lots of business schools out there that will take your money, but when you attend in-person business classes Rochester, you get a group of professionals who are committed to your success. Here’s what you can expect from the curriculum of in-person business classes Rochester.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

When attending in-person business classes Rochester, students can expect 4 quarters per learning year for a 2-year program. Each quarter is 11 weeks long and set up strategically to ensure students get the most out of their class time. The first quarter is dedicated to instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and setting goals. Students spend this time community building to ensure they are ready for the core competency classes at the institute.

Core Learning with Business-Related Courses

The next 7 quarters are dedicated to 32 hyper-focused business-related courses. These courses are dedicated to teaching students highly marketable in-demand skills for the business world. By the end of these academic courses, students are business-ready and power positive with all the necessary skills for the business market in today’s world.

Weekly Symposiums

One day per week, prominent and experienced business leaders in the community dedicate their time to sharing insights and interacting with students of in-person business classes Rochester. These are big-name thought leaders in their industries who know how to make it in today’s business market because they have done it. They share their valuable perspectives and knowledge on what it takes to be in demand to lead the way and blaze new trails in today’s business world.

Coaching Mentorships and Internships

When you attend in-person business classes Rochester you become part of a team that has access and exposure to hands-on experience in the business world. Coaching mentorships and internship opportunities allow students to build intentional business relationships and make solid connections that you just can’t form sitting behind a computer. It’s like having a personal business leader who is dedicated to your success.

Career Launching Continuum

In-person business classes Rochester isn’t just another business school. The culmination of your 2-year education and degree are like the starting gate for the rest of your life. Mentors and coaches are dedicated to ensuring you take 1 of 3 roads, and they work with you personally to ensure you achieve those benchmarks. They will help you find employment or advance your current career, build and start a business, or move on to complete a bachelor’s degree at a partner school. You’re not just left hanging with a piece of paper that says you completed your degree.

Enroll in In-Person Business Classes at Rochester Today

If you’re ready to blossom into the business world and take it by storm, then take the first step and enroll in in-person business classes Rochester today. It will be the best decision you ever made. When you enroll in in-person business classes in Rochester, you are becoming part of a solid team and partnership with prominent business leaders in the community who want to help you succeed and achieve your goals. Don’t wait another day to start the rest of your professional life.

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