8 Best Sports Bars In Melbourne


Are you looking for the best sports bar in Melbourne? Here, you will find the Richmond Club Hotel, the imperial London Tavern Hotel that is added to the Melbourne sports calendar. This article is written on the best sports bar in Melbourne. If you also want to visit these spots, you should read the complete article.

  1. The imperial hotel Bourke Street

The Imperial Hotel Bourke Street was opened in 1858. It becomes the oldest sports bar in Melbourne. It is considered the most incredible rooftop bar, and menu options are filled with beer, wine, and snacks. Here you find a display of live sports from all over the world. If you visit here, it is suggested to try half parma, whole purma, and eggplant parma.

Location- 2-8 Bourke Street, Melbourne


  1. The sporting globe Richmond

There are multiple locations of this sports bar in Melbourne. Sporting Globe in Richmond is the best spot to schedule the box-office UFC event. Even if there is another sport on the UFC extravaganza, still there are the many screens showing the AFL, NRL, and Bledisloe Cup. The Richmond location is an excellent sports bar that combines the loud atmosphere, top-shelf technology, and old-school pub food that makes this place the most authentic public sports viewing in Melbourne.

Location- 288 Bridge Road, Richmond

  1. The great northern

The Great Northern is another best sports bars in Melbourne that shows the A league, cricket, EPL and NFL. If you want to watch a specific sports match, then you should visit this location. There are many screens installed here to help people to watch the big game match. If there is a match in mid of the night, then it also opens their doors to people.

Location- 644 Rathdown Street, Melbourne

  1. The college lawn hotel

This place is the best to spend your Saturday afternoon and watch the big sports game events on the big screen. With the restaurant, main bar, beer garden, live music, and many more exclusive features, this sports bar provides you the best viewing experience. It is suggested to people catch some Australian open games, NRL or AFL, on Sunday afternoon or Sunday blockbuster.

Location- 36 Greville Street, Melbourne

  1. Crown sports bar and Pub

Crown sports bar and Pub is known as the dedicated Sports Bar and Pub in Melbourne. It is considered the most packed action sports bar in Melbourne. It attracts people of different nationalities from all over the world and creates a rush-type of atmosphere. The best thing is that this location is best for soccer fans who want to watch the Premier League match and support the players playing.

Location – 8 whiteman street, Melbourne


  1. Richmond club hotel

The Richmond Club Hotel is the best rugby union sports bar located in Melbourne. It is a lovely location for those who love to watch the sports match. The visitors get the best experience from the laid-back atmosphere and spectacular city views. This is the reason why most people come here and cheer for their favorite team. It is the best place for the pre-game drink before moving to the big game.

Location- 100 Swan Street, Richmond, Melbourne

  1. Governor hall

If you want to hunt for the NBA watering hole in the southeast area of Melbourne, then this sports bar is best for you. You should head towards the Hawthorn East because this place is rich in big screens where you watch the match.  The best thing is that you can order traditional pizzas like pepperoni and Capricciosa that are prepared with the woodfire pizza oven.

Location- 27 Hall Street, Melbourne

  1. Auburn Hotel

The Auburn Hotel is another best AFL sports bars on the east side. It covers from wall to wall hawthorn newspaper posters but has a welcoming and warm setting. There is an amazing food menu,  unbelievable parmas, and beverage list, with the night offering vegan parmas and traditional parmas

Location- 85 Auburn Road, Melbourne


Here are the best sports bar locations in Melbourne you should visit. All the above locations can provide you with the chance to watch a sports match on the big screen.

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