Igtools: How to get real free Instagram likes, followers, and views


IGtools is the best website that provides many benefits to Instagram users. As people use Instagram widely, they want to get free followers, likes, and views on their accounts.

Even though there are many tools that help Instagram users to get free views, likes, and followers on their accounts, but still, IGtools are used mostly. Read this article completely to know about the Igtools.

What are Igtools

Igtools is one of the best web-based tools that helps Instagram users to expand their supporters on their accounts. Today, many people have the record on Instagram, and everybody wants to make their IG account quickly.

The platforms like Igtools help Instagram users to meet their goals of expanding followers, likes, and views on reels, etc. Igtools support the Instagram account of Indian users only.

How to do the IGtools work

The fact here is that some things on the Igtools platform are under upkeep. It means that things are not accessible right now. But there are many good functions of Igtools in the following way.

  • Send story views

The best thing about the Igtools platform is that you can easily add 100 views to your Instagram story.

  • Send video views

You can easily add the 30 views to your videos by putting the order of send video views on Igtools. It works for all Instagram users.

  • Send IGTV views

As same as the video views, you can also get the views on your Instagram IGTV. At one time, you can easily add 30 views to your IGTV videos.

  • Send poll votes

It only works for the important two-choice survey. Igtools send you the 100 yes votes in favor of your Instagram account.

  • Send comment likes

To get comment likes on your Instagram account, you should fill in the same CAPTCHA. After this, the igtools send you comments and likes within 2 hours.

  • Send saved posts

You can easily send the free saves to Instagram posts by using Igtools. It is truly the best feature of igtools that makes your Instagram posts visible to the news feed of followers.

  • Free emoji comments

Free emoji content is the best service provided by Igtools. It sends the free emoji to your Instagram posts. You also get the free option to choose the emoji that you want to get on your posts.

Benefits of Igtools

There are various benefits of using the Igtools website. If you also want to use this platform to expand your Instagram account, then you should be aware of such benefits.

  • Free online media administrations are provided
  • There is no need to sign in to this website.
  • You can easily expand your Instagram supports free of cost by using Igtools.
  • Igtools reels views
  • Free Igtools services
  • Igtools give free supporters to Instagram users

Step by step to get free services from Igtools

If you want to avail of free services from Igtools, then here is step by step guide you should follow to make this process easier

  • First, you should visit the igtools.net site
  • Now, move to the picture profile symbol at the upper side to sign in
  • Here, you have to undergo human verification to verify you
  • Then, you should enter your Instagram login id and password. And if possible, you must use the VPN for fast access
  • Enter your Instagram profile username on which you expand the supporters
  • At last, check the credit number, and enter the number of supporters, followers, views, remarks, and preferences so that it will send it to your account

How much easy is it to use the Igtools

As we told you, the igtools administration was free. You have to suspend your AdBlock in starting to use the administrations of igtools. Keep in your mind that actual ads are not created trouble. It is so easy for users to use the tools and get free services on their accounts. They only need to enter their username, fill in the captcha, and then put an order for free likes, followers, and views.


People mostly use the Igtools platform to get free followers on their Instagram accounts. You can easily log in to the Igtools easily and follow the above steps to avail of the free services.

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