What Is Call Out The Number Of Walmart To Report An Absence

What Is Call Out The Number Of Walmart To Report An Absence

Walmart’s call-out number is used by employees when they are not able to come to work due to sickness or illness.  By using the With Walmart call-out number, they can report the shift to their boss due to their health issues.

In this article, we will tell you about the call-out number of Walmart to report an absence and off your shift.

Walmart calls out a number.

The call-out number of Walmart is 800-492-5678. This number is used by an associate of Walmart to report absences that are not pre-scheduled.  If you place the call on this number, you will be asked to give your information, like WIN, your name, DOB, and store number.

A way to report an absence at Walmart

How to report your absence at wallmart? Walmart suggests that associates need to call a minimum of 3 hours in advance to save themselves from warnings.  You can easily use the sick call number of wallmart, 800-492-5678, and report the absence because of sickness and injury.

Easy way- How to report an absence

Walmart takes care of associates, especially in emergency or sickness time, and gives them leave. As an associate of Walmart, you should use any of the given methods and report your absence.

  1. By phoning the store manager

You should firstly report your illness or shift off from your work, by place call to store manager.  It is important to do because they have to know about absenteeism, so they can fill your position for the day and take precautions for client management.

  1. Contact to Sedgwick

Place a call to Walmart’s call number is an easy and reliable way to report your sickness. You can place a call at 800-492-5678 anytime and report your absence. In this way, you will get the voice automatic response system that asks you to give your WIN number, name, date of birth, store number, and reason for your shift off.

After it, the automated call system will provide your confirmation number. It is suggested to write down your number t remember.

  1. By accessing to Walmart account

All Walmart associates can easily access to OneWalmart Account. If you do not have an account, then you need to register at Walmart to report the absence by mobile app. You must open your application, move to the option “ report and navigate,” and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to raise questions about sickness at Walmart

Most wallmart associates are aware of the one Walmart site where they can easily submit or raise the claim to not show up on shift or job. Here are the steps you should follow to register your sickness at Walmart

  • Login to your OneWalmart account by using your birthdate, WIN, and store number
  • Then, move to the report absence menu to report your absence
  • Choose the specific option from the given a choice to determine the reporting nature. You should also explain the reason for your shift off here.
  • In last, you should choose from the list of symptoms or injuries from which you are currently suffering. Tap on submit button now to finish this process.

How to report your sickness by using Walmart call out a number

You can easily report your sickness by using a Walmart call number,   800-492-5678. You can make a call at this number by using your smartphone. Keep in your mind to report your health issues at least 3 hours in advance to avoid warning issues or complaints from your boss.  The Walmart associate can easily use this call-out number to report their absence

Here is the information you need to submit while adhering to the Walmart information associate line

  • WIN, Walmart Identification Number
  • Enter the year, month, and day of your birthday.
  • Enter the store number of Walmart where you work.
  • Enter the Confirmation Number to give to the manager of your store for your shift off.


It is easy to inform your store manager about your health illness by using the Walmart call number mentioned above. Ensure to report your absence in advance, so the store manager can manage their work or avoid any warnings.

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