What is the Average Cost of the best Data Analyst Courses in India?


A data analyst course can help learners gain knowledge about analyzing and interpreting data easily. The best data analyst course in India will offer you a certification upon completion, making you noticeable among employers. Despite promising a stable career, several professionals are reluctant to pursue data analytics courses owing to the high fees.

But the average cost of a data analyst course online in India is quite affordable. The courses are truly value-for-money because you will be eligible for high-paying jobs after their completion. Dive deeper to learn about the different factors that will determine the cost of a data analytics course.

1. Duration

The duration of a data analyst course online will affect its fee. Longer and more in-depth courses will be more expensive compared to short-term courses. The short-term courses are usually basic courses suited for beginners. The ideal length of a data analyst course is around 11 months or a year.

2. Coverage

The topics covered in the course will also influence the data analyst course fee. The best data analyst courses will cover the following topics:

  • Data fundamentals: You will get an introduction to data sources, data types, data ethics, data quality, and data collection methods.
  • Data cleaning and preprocessing: A data analytics course will cover different techniques required for tackling outliers, missing data, and inconsistencies in data sets to deliver high-quality data.
  • Statistical analysis: The best data analytics course will help you understand techniques for data exploration and summarisation, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and more.
  • Data visualization: You will be able to learn about different principles and tools to represent data and offer various insights and patterns effectively.
  • Data mining and machine learning: Data analytics courses also offer knowledge about various data mining algorithms. You will also learn about supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques and predictive modeling.

The best data analytics course online will equip you with theoretical and practical knowledge. You will be able to acquire hands-on knowledge and experience by working on several industry-relevant projects during these courses.

3. Course Provider and Reputation

You will come across data analytics courses offered by different institutions. When pursuing a data analytics course offered by a reputable institution, you might have to pay a higher fee. But the crucial factor in determining whether the fee structure is justified.

You will have to find out the topics covered by the data analytics program. Additionally, you should check the faculty members delivering the course lectures. The expertise of industry-renowned instructors with superior credentials will influence the program’s cost.

4. Learning Mode

The mode of learning of a data analytics course will also influence the fee. Any data analytics course offered in a traditional classroom setting will have a higher fee. The lower fee of online data analytics courses can be attributed to their popularity.

The best data analyst course for beginners offered in online mode is truly value-for-money because they offer a huge amount of flexibility. The online courses ensure that learners can acquire crucial data analytics skills at their own convenience. Despite the online learning mode, learners will receive individualized attention from mentors throughout the professional course.

Top career options after pursuing a Data Analytics Course

The best data analyst course online will help you build a bright career. The salary of a certified data analyst will range between Rs 1.6 lakhs to Rs 11.8 lakhs. Apart from a data analyst, check out the other roles that you can pursue after a data analytics course:

1. Data Scientist

To become a data scientist, you will need an in-depth understanding of data analysis techniques to gain actionable insights. The job responsibilities of a data scientist include the following:

  • Collecting, assessing, and gaining insights from large and complex datasets
  • Identifying data trends and patterns with the help of statistical and machine-learning techniques
  • Making informed business decisions with the help of future predictions

A data scientist should have a background in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Additionally, familiarity with programming languages like R and Python is necessary for a data science career.

2. Business Intelligence Analyst

The responsibilities of a business intelligence analyst include the following:

  • Collecting and evaluating data to enable organizations to make informed business decisions
  • Leveraging data visualization tools to represent data in an easy way for non-technical stakeholders to comprehend

When you become a business intelligence analyst, you will be able to help businesses make data-driven decisions. In this role, you must use business intelligence and data warehousing tools like Tableau, Excel, SQL, and Power BI.

3. Business Analyst

The role of a business analyst is a little different from that of a business intelligence analyst. A business analyst has the following responsibilities:

  • Identifying and assessing business opportunities and challenges
  • Developing effective solutions for enhancing business performance and processes
  • Communicating with stakeholders to understand requirements and offer recommendations

A business intelligence analyst primarily focuses on descriptive analytics. On the other hand, a business analyst uses predictive, prescriptive, and diagnostic analytics.

4. Data Engineer

The prime responsibilities of a data engineer include the following:

  • Developing systems that can support data analysis, collection, and storage
  • Managing large datasets and complex databases
  • Maintaining accuracy, accessibility, and security of data

A data engineer is a technical role in the field of data analytics. The role attempts to bridge the gap between conventional data science roles and software and app developers.

Summing up

The best data analyst course online in India will help you build a promising career with a high salary. It will be an extremely prudent investment to accelerate your career. Therefore, don’t refrain from enrolling in a data analytics course because of the fees.

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