What Is A Touchless Car Wash And Is It Safe To Use

Touchless Car Wash

There are many options available in a car wash, and every option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Even though the car wash is a quick option, it also damages it. Hand car washing is safer and more time-consuming. A touchless car washes wash with less damage or risk.

What do you mean by touchless car wash? It is an automated car wash without cloth strips or spinning brushes. It only sprays water at high pressure and applies the powerful detergent. Read more to know about the touchless car wash and determine whether it is a safe option or not.

What is a touchless car wash?

A touchless car wash is considered an automated car wash that needs you to select how you need to wash your car and make payment in the machine. This type of car wash is either in the bay or in the tunnel.

What Is A Touchless Car Wash

In a touchless car wash, the car owner will drive in and stay on the spot where the car washing tool will go around the car to clean it. In the tunnel, the car will be dragged by a conveyor towards the washing tool.

But as the automated car wash types, especially the traditional automatic car wash and the brushless car wash, the automatic touchless car wash are not make use of cloth strips or brushes.

Although both cleaning tools help to remove grime and dirt effectively, it also damages the paintwork potentially. So the touchless car wash will be a safe option since it will wash the car with only water, increased pressure, and car wash soap.

Touchless car wash- Safe or not

A touchless car wash has no cloth strips or brushes that smack or grind dirt on the car’s surface. Still, it uses pressure to spray water and detergents. And these powerful cleaning materials may put the car owner in confusion, are the touchless not good for paint?

  • The elimination of cloth strips or brushes in touchless car wash helps to reduce the scratching risk.
  • There are still chances of it. Because the touchless car wash does not make contact directly with the car. Rather than it, it makes it by spraying water at a great pressure level than automated car washes with cloth strips or brushes
  • A touchless car wash substitutes direct contact cleaning with detergent. When applied to the car, the powerful detergent will break down the debris, dirt, and grime on the surface.

From the above facts, it is determined that a touchless car wash is safer than automated car washes that use cloth strips or brushes. But still, there is a chance of paint damage, but less. It means the touchless car wash gives the benefits of quick car washing with less damage risk.

How does the touchless car wash work

  • If you want to use the touchless car wash, you should first make the approach to the machine where you set the washing process for the car.
  • Then, you should make the payment in the slot. There are many options you get from here. You can easily choose the option of basic wash or add advanced applications like protective coating, soap layers, tire shine, etc.
  • After you choose the washing process for your car, you have to drive it through a tunnel or bay.
  • Once you are in peace, the touchless car wash sprays water on the car to lose the grime or dirt, spray detergent on it and rinse the car again.
  • Rinsing will be the last part of the touchless car wash till you get the other services.
  • However, some touchless car washes also give drying by blowers, whereas some provide hand drying; if your car is dry by hand, you should provide a top to the worker.

Tips for using the touchless car wash

To use the touchless car wash safely, you should follow the tips given below. You should be prepared according to the following tips to use the touchless car wash safe.

  • Apply coating on your car.

You should apply a protective coating like polish, wax, and ceramic coating on the car because it provides a barrier for dirt, grime, and debris on the car’s surface. It prevents the particles from getting stuck on the car’s surface. In this way, it allows you to slide off the dirt easily and prevent scratches problems.

  • Prepare a clean cloth in case of moisture.

There may be excess moisture left over from the car wash. So, it is suggested to keep a clean cloth in your car, so you can easily wipe off the excess moisture after getting your car washed.

  • Get the benefits of a touchless car wash discount at a gas station

Gas stations that provide the touchless car wash usually provide discounts on car wash when you purchase gas from it. It is a good deal, because it does not wash your car, but also fuels it, and saves your money

You can easily explore on internet gas stations with touchless car washes if you want to save money on car washing.

  • Lower the exterior mounted antenna of the car.

The pressure that comes from sprays is high. So, it helps to lower the exterior mounted antenna of your car, avoid damages and keep it safe

  • Ensures that the doors and windows are closed

High-pressure water is able to enter through the small openings. So, it is suggested to check all windows and doors of the car to see whether they are open and ensure that they are closed tightly to prevent water from entering inside and wetting the interior parts of the car.

  • Drive the car slowly when it is dry with blowers.

If the car wash is come with blowers for drying that drive the past through, then you should go slowly and get the most out of blow drying.


A touchless car wash is a safe option if you want to wash your car quickly. If you do not want to take a long time for a car wash, then you should follow the tips to use a touchless car wash.

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