Different Ways to Say Yes in French

Say Yes in French

There are many different ways to say “yes” in French. “Oui” is the most common word to say yes in French. If you are learning the French language then you need to learn some other ways to say “yes” in French.

We usually say “yes” in English but sometimes we say “yep“, “yeah” and “okay“. Similarly, there are different ways to say “yes” in French.

Here are some other words to say “yes” in French:

English French
Yes Oui
Yeah Ouais
Ok D’accord
Of cours Bien sûr
Absolutely Absolument


Some Examples:

1. Do you like music

Oui, j’aime la musique

2. Do you like fruit

Oui, j’aime les fruits

3. Will you go to the movie

oui bien sûr, j’irai au cinéma

4. Would you like to have food

oui j’ai très faim

These are some examples of learning basic French words. I hope this post is informative for beginners and they will like it. If you like this please share your feedback in comments.

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