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Tour of Puglia

How many interesting tours of Puglia! Will we be able to see everything in a few days?

Well, maybe not everything, but by relying on the experience of a tour guide or even just our advice, you will certainly be able to make the most of your time and build an unforgettable trip.

When we say Puglia tours we refer to itineraries of various lengths: for example, we can imagine a walk of about two hours in the exuberant capital of Salento in the company of a tour guide in Puglia, who will know how to make you appreciate the elegant architecture of the Lecce Baroque.

This half-day together can be considered a mini-tour in Puglia to be planned perhaps in the late afternoon returning from the sea.

We have decided to collect in this article, our advice on how to organize your trip to Puglia, depending on the time you want to dedicate to visits to the historic centers of Puglia, UNESCO sites, farms, oil mills, wine production and local crafts. .

Finally, we add some experiential views such as boat rides with the fishermen of Monopoli, painting on ceramics and majolica at the Grottaglie shopkeepers or local cooking classes and hand-made orecchiette according to the tradition kept by the expert ladies of old Bari.

Are you looking for organized tours of Puglia or would you like to build your own itinerary by taking advantage of the assistance of a certified guide specializing in itineraries to discover the area?

Organized tours Puglia 2022

We will be happy to make any changes that make you happier …

We have created standard Puglia Tours that can be modified and customized according to your requests. Puglia deserves to be visited all, but we try to show you fantastic landscapes and places as described below.

Puglia tour 5 days

It will seem that time has flown, as it always happens on vacation, but in reality 5 days are by no means few.

Depending on the period you choose to visit Puglia, we recommend dedicating sunrises to seaside towns and sunsets to historic centers or sites of interest.

This is because in the morning, in Puglia, the sea shines. On the Adriatic the sun rises over the sea and the chromatic effect of silver color makes the atmosphere of awakening and the first visits of the day magical.

If we stay south of Bari we will start from Monopoli or Polignano a Mare and instead we will start from Bari-Castel del Monte if we are a little further north.

Here is our 5 day tour of Puglia:

Day 1. Polignano a Mare / Monopoli | Alberobello

Polignano a mare
Slow awakening in Polignano a Mare with special coffee and breathtaking views.

Guided tour: the terraces and squares of the most scenic town in Puglia.

Walk through the alleys of the historic center of Monopoli with a guided tour of its most important monuments. Sandy beach in the heart of the city with the possibility of getting wet. Visit to the fishing boats and the small port.

Fish-based lunch

Afternoon in Alberobello UNESCO site and capital of the Trulli.

Day 2. Otranto / Lecce

Morning in Otranto, the most south-eastern city of Italy (about 80 km from neighboring Albania).

Guided tour of the historic center and the famous Mosaic of Otranto dating back to around 1170. (700 sqm).

Sandy beach in the heart of the city with the possibility of getting wet. Otranto is Blue Flag.

Seafood lunch by the sea.

Afternoon in Lecce, elegant, unique. Guided tour (2 hours).

Day 3. Matera / Materatour

In our puglia tours, a day dedicated to Matera is never missing.

This excursion will allow us to visit another region: Basilicata.

It will be a journey within a journey to discover the flavors and landscapes of Basilicata. Together we will visit the suggestive rupestrian village of Matera with its Sassi (UNESCO) and the many memories of a peasant civilization that disappeared only a few decades ago.

It is one of the most beautiful excursions that we can offer you with extremely visible and well-preserved organic features.

Lucanian lunch (legumes, meat and vegetables) at a typical restaurant.

Day 4. Bari / Castel del Monte

Bari, the gateway to the East south of Venice.
Today Bari is the regional capital and the third largest city in southern Italy after Naples and Palermo in terms of population density.

We will stroll through the alleys of the historic center, visit the Basilica of San Nicola, the Norman-Swabian Castle, the Cathedral and get to know the many nice ladies who prepare the hand-made orecchiette on the doorstep of their homes on the ground floor.

Possibility to book orecchiette course (30 minutes)

Lunch in Bari, revisited typical cuisine (land and sea).

Castel del Monte (UNESCO). Guided tour.

Day 5. Ostuni / Martina Franca

The white city perched on one of the highest hills in the Itria Valley.
Guided tour of its alleys, its monuments and its squares.

Possibility of shopping for handicrafts.

Tasting of extra virgin olive oil or Apulian wines (to be agreed) at a local producer. Lunch in a Masseria in the countryside of Ostuni-Fasano

Martina Franca, guided tour.