9 Amazing Spots Where You Can Go Fishing In Ottawa


Fishing is a thrilling activity more than simply catching fish. The beauty of a hobby lies in the camaraderie, the relaxation, and the peace one feels when one goes out for a fishing adventure. If you are Ottawa-based and want to catch fish at the best spots, then here is the right article for you. While starting fishing, be sure to do some things, like take your reel and rod, fishing line, a package of weights, a bobber, some fish hooks, fishing lures, and live bait of your choice. Let us dive into the best 9 spots in Ottawa for fishing.

  1. Petrie Island

For Ottawa locals like myself, a quick drive alongside Highway 174 will take us to Petrie Island. The brief ride and abundance of fish species in this area make it a sincerely popular fishing website online for city people who want to head for some rounds of fishing.

If you’re a panfish angler, I can say that you may experience the abundance of panfish species which include perch, crappie, and bluegills that stay right here. In the early parts of spring, you will more regularly than no longer spot crappie close to Petrie Island’s seashores.

  1. Dows Lake

Dows Lake is the go-to area if you want to break out from the busy city life. This guy-made lake is the place to be if you like to attempt your luck at catching huge carp, bass, bluegill, perch, sunfish, muskie, crappie, and pike.

The lake is fisher-friendly as it functions as a large launch ramp that you may employ. In the location, you can locate plenty of restaurants, boat condominium businesses, and washrooms. If you travel via vehicle, there may also be a car parking zone that you may use.

  1. Shirleys Bay Park

Shirleys Bay is a critical fishing area at the Ottawa River, situated on the western boundary of Canada’s Capital Greenbelt. Being an herbal wetland method, Shir, Leys Bay Park has better water satisfaction compared to other places.

  1. Eccolands Park

If you love fishing for muskies, Eccolands Park is the location for you. In the summer season, you may come right here to fish for walleye, furnished that come along with your favored fishing rod difficult case and all the more gear that you may want.

Here, you may also have perspective for perch, bluegills, sunfish, and smallmouth bass. On the website, you can discover a parking zone, a picnic region, and masses of washroom centers, in addition to a playground wherein your kids can effectively play. A loose-of-rate release ramp is likewise available.

  1. Victoria Island

Also named Turtle Island, Victoria Island is easy to get entry to by car. Once you get there, you can experience a fantastic view of the city and the Ottawa River. However, with a piece of good fortune, you can additionally come here to fish for pike and catfish.

  1. Dick Bell Park

Gar, catfish, bass, and perch name the waters of this park their domestic, with catfish being the maximum, not unusual, seize. I’ve had the delight of catching all of these fish earlier than, and I keep in mind it to be certainly one of my first-class achievements!

But that’s now not the best component that the park has going for it. The abundance of catfish in Dick Bell Park has made it one of the most popular locations for catching said fish.

Annual catfish tournaments are held every first month of June to catch the biggest catfish accessible, and seeing how competitive it receives makes it pretty interesting to watch

  1. Permits

Getting a boating license that is right for use anywhere in Canada is easy, after which acquiring a permit to additionally fish in Canada is all fairness, simple for each citizen and non-resident. To learn more about all of the licenses that are currently available, you could go to the respectable online website of the Ontario authorities.

  1. Rideau Canal

This massive frame of water additionally offers anglers the opportunity to get one of the best catches of their lifetime.

Large and smallmouth bass, pike, trout, and other fish name this place their home, and they arrive in many special sizes. Needless to mention, this is a super location for fishing for anybody regardless of their revel in.

  1. Mooney’s Bay

Another great fishing spot is a part of Rideau River; you can get to Mooney’s Bay by heading south of Hog’s Back, just adjoining Riverside Drive.

You can choose to fish either with the aid of the shore or by means of boat right here, and there are plenty of opportunities for you. During the early spring, panfish action is most thrilling as crappies and bluegills are maximum several and energetic in this era.


Ottawa is a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of fishing spots to explore. Whether you prefer serene rivers, scenic lakes, or bustling urban fishing holes, Ottawa has it all. So, pack your fishing gear, grab your fishing license, and embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure in the heart of Canada’s capital city.

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