What is the full form of PDA?


Friends, today we will know in this article that what is the full form of PDA? You might have forgotten your work, but for such a problem some devices have been made with the help of technology.

Which we call “Personal Digital Assistant” or PDA, today in this article we will know only about Personal Digital Assistant i.e. PDA. That too in detail and will share every information related to it with you.

PDA full form in English

Friends, the full form of PDA is “Personal Digital Assistant”.

As it is known from its name that it is a personal device that was used for sending messages, watching videos etc.

What is PDA?

What is the full form of PDA (PDA Full Form in Hindi): The full form of PDA is “Personal Digital Assistant” and in Hindi it is called “Personal Digital Assistant”. It is just like an assistant who takes care of our every little thing and updates us. In today’s digital world, it is being used very well. Because this PDA is very helpful in our personal work, due to which we benefit a lot.

Because it is not a human, it is a device which looks like a mobile or tablet. Which keeps you updated about your daily work storage, address and calendar. By the way, you can also see PDA in YOUTUBE, so that you are prepared in every way, hence it is called “Digital Assistant”.

Some other full forms of PDA:

Pda full form in mobile Personal digital assistant
PDA full form in pension Pension Disbursing Agency
Pda full form in biology Potato dextrose agar
PDA ka Full form in relationship Public displays of affection
PDA full form in Agriculture Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Full form of PDA in Medical Patent ductus arteriosus


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History of PDA?

Friends I hope PDA Full Form In Hindi | What is PDA Smartphone? You must have understood this, now let’s get information about the history of PDA phone.

The first PDA was launched in the market by Psion in 1984, followed by Psion’s Series 3 in 1991.

The PDA which was launched in 1991 had a full keyboard, although the phone which was launched in 1984 was not named PDA.

The term PDA was first used on January 7, 1992 by Apple’s SEO John Sculley in reference to the Apple Newton at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

After this, IBM launched a PDA with analog cellular phone functionality, only after this there was a competition to make smart phones and every country started looking for stability in it.

Friends, after this, in 1996, Nokia launched a PDA with digital cellphone functionality. After which many more companies launched phones one after the other.

Many phones were successful, while the entire market of many got drowned, but who knew that in the coming years, the word PDA is going to completely disappear from the market.

Features of PDA phone?

Friends, PDA phones were not always the same as they became later, in the beginning a full keyboard was given in it, from which we used to give commands to the phone.

After this, it changed a lot in a few years and functions like a memory card, Bluetooth, WiFi were also added. Although the touch screen was not in every phone, it was seen only in a few selected phones.

Often Apple’s Newton and Palm Pilot only had touch screens, keypad phones were given separate buttons for selection.

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