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Aviva Bidapa
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Aviva Bidapa is a popular Indian model and fashion designer born on 11 October 1991 in Bangalore. She is well-known among people for her creative designs and exceptional talent. This is why she made her reputed name in the fashion industry. In this article, we will tell you about the Aviva bidapa bio, including early life, career, age, husband, etc.

Who is Aviva Bidapa

Aviva is considered a multifaceted individual who is an expert in modeling, fashion designing, entrepreneurship, and TV hosting. She gains a lot of popularity being the Femina Miss India. Aviva belongs to a family that consists of her older sister, a British mother, and an Indian father.

By following her success at the pageant, Aviva represented India proudly at the miss world’s prestigious competition and achieved the 10th impressive place. She also expanded her horizons and gained success in the TV and acting industry in 2006. She also works as a host in “The Biggest Loser Jeetega,” an Indian reality show. Moreover, she also made appearances in Bollywood movies, like the fashion movie in 2008 and dus kahaniyaan movie in 2007. The diverse talents and accomplishments of Aviva Bidapa become the reason for her prominence and get fame all over the world.

Biography of Aviva Bidapa

Aviva Bidapa is a famous model and Indian fashion designer who made an entry into the world on 11 October. She was born in Bangalore. At 32 years of age, she had huge success in her career. She is engaged with Abhishek Ambareesh and become a more famous person in the fashion industry. From this, Aviva gains a huge fan base. The name of her father is not disclosed, but her unique style and talent gain huge popularity as both a model and fashion designer.

Early life of Aviva Bidapa

At 8 years of age, Aviva Bidapa faced the divorce of her parents, which led to her being predominantly raised by her mother. In spite of changes come in her family, she joyed her childhood, all thanks to parenting given by her mother. During their teenage years, she was admitted to a Catholic girl’s school before shifting to Europe.

Aviva Bidapa works as a renowned consultant and model scout and is affiliated international model management company. Along with her modeling endeavors, she got the esteemed director position for Elite Model Look in India in 2010. She is not only dedicated to her work but also works for social activities and collaborates with several organizations, NGOs, and individuals. In this way, her figure is presented as a helpful woman who commits to having positive effects on people’s life and improving several domains of her personal life.

Family of Aviva Bidapa

Aviva lives with her two children and husband in Mumbai . Here, she creates and makes a loving environment. As she was born on 11 October 1991, she belongs to mixed cultural background, with her Indian descent father and her mother who belongs to England. As she grew up, she got a multicultural upbringing because of the different cultures and languages of her parents. This early exposure will prove later to be instrumental in her career as a famous tv personality and model.

In the knit close circle of the family of Aviva Bidapa,  Judith Bidapa, and Prasad Bidapa play important roles in her life. Moreover, the brother of Aviva also shared the moments with her and the whole family. Her whole family filled the great warmth and joy in her life.

Relationship status of Aviva Bidapa

According to recent updates coming from sources, it is determined that the Abhishek ambareesh and Aviva Bidapa are engaged. Their engagement event was a delightful affair in which Aviva looked graceful and elegant in a pink saree, and Abhishek wore the traditional kurta with a golden jacket. In spite of this engagement, Aviva was married to Indian businessman Vikram Mehta. But later, they take divorced and separated in 2016. The information related to their separation and personal journeys does not come to public


Aviva Bidapa makes her career journey as a designer and model. She starts her career at the age of 17 years. With time, her hard work and talent reach her to great heights of success and fame.

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