What is The Full Form Of Army


ARMY Full form – In today’s time, young citizens keep dreaming of joining the army, but do they know what is the full name of the army? If not, then today we will provide information about what the army’s complete name is through this post.

Today we are going to talk about the army, what is the army? What is the full form of Army? (Full Form of Army) How to make career in army? Along with the important facts related to it, I hope you will like it.

ARMY Full Form is “Alert Regular Mobility Young”

ARMY Full Form in English

  • A – Alert
  • R – Regular
  • M – Mobility
  • Y – Young

The word Army is derived from the Latin word Armata which means Armed Force. It is such an army that protects the country. Army is called Army in English. The full name of Army is Alert Regular Mobility Young. This means that such an army of youths who keep an eye on every movement and can be sent from one place to another if needed.

How to join the army

If you also dream of joining the Indian Army, then you can join the Indian Army in this way.

  • To join Indian army, it is mandatory for you to be 10th or 12th pass.
  • Also, you should be physically fit for army recruitment. In this, your physical performance is seen according to your height, age and weight.
  • An age limit of 17.5 years to 23 years has been fixed for the youth to join the Indian Army.

For Indian Army Recruitment, you can check the notification from time to time in the official website of Indian Army. Notifications are issued for the youth on the official website on the basis of their area.


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ARMY Full form (FAQ)

What is the full form of Army?
The full name of the army is “Alert Regular Mobility Young“.

Why does any country need an army?
To keep a close watch on the activities of the enemy, all countries require an army for the security of the country. Those who stand ready for the security of the country without caring for their lives when there is a crisis.

What is the age limit set for the youth to join the Indian Army?
The age limit of 17.5 to 23 years has been fixed for the youth to join the Indian Army.

Where did the word army originate?
The word army is derived from the Latin word for immortality.

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