9 Famous And Super Hit Haryanvi Song

Haryanvi Song

Today, the Haryanvi entertainment field has earned a huge identity and name in the country. Haryanvi language is also used in Bollywood films. The industry of Haryanvi music gain popularity quickly and shine in the world.

Haryanvi songs cross the millions and billions of views. This post is written on the most popular and hit Haryanvi songs in the industry. If you also like to hear the Haryanvi songs, you should read this article.

  1. Badli badli laage

People are crazy when they hear the name, Sapna Choudhary. They link the Sapna name with the Haryanvi songs that are super hit. She takes the Haryanvi songs out of Haryana and spreads them in the complete world.

One of the popular Haryanvi song in which sapna choudhary act, badli badli laage, cross more than 24 crore views on Youtube. This Song is written by the Bantu singal. This Song is sung by Vicky Kajla and ruchika jangid.

  1. Randa party

Randa party song is sung by the gulzaar channiwala. The best thing is that this super hit Haryanvi music crosses 260M views on youtube. Most people like Haryanvi music all time. Gulzaar Chhaniwala is the most prominent name among the Haryanvi singers. He is a Haryanvi songwriter, singer, actor, director, and composer.  

  1. English medium

English medium is the most popular Haryanvi song sung by AK Jatti and Masoom Sharma. This Song features Vicky Kajla and sapna choudhary. The lyrics of this Haryanvi song are written by the raju gudha. The music of this super hit Haryanvi song is provided by Boota Singh. The music video is directed by Vijay Verma. The best thing is that this Song crossed 290 million views on Youtube and became popular among people.

In the music video, the sapna choudhary appears flaunting her fiery moves in black and red salwar kameez. Vicky sported the red colour sweater on white kurta pyjamas. In this song video, Vicky looks at Sapna with great charm.

  1. Father saab

The other best Haryanvi song, Father Saab, is sung by the khasa aala Chahar. This Song features the raj saini. The music for this Haryanvi song is given by the Chaupal studio, and the lyrics are given by the khasa aal Chahar. If you are looking for the all-time hit Haryanvi song, then the father saab is a song you must hear. You should add this popular Haryanvi song to your playlist.

This masterpiece song is sung by a talented singer, khasa aala Chahar. This Song belongs to the Haryanvi album, named “Father Saab.” You can easily download this Song online and listen to it on your device.

  1. Lala Lori

It is determined that the pandemic time has become lucky for singer and actor Deepti Sadhwani because she is heading to the third Song in a row again and paired in front of  Fazilpuria.

After they hit the two tracks, Deepti’s next project was On the Way to the dancing club, Lala Lori Song, written by jaani. The shooting of this Song is done in Delhi at a big venue with the complete feel of the club. The story of this song track shows Deepti as a fun-loving and gorgeous girl who dances on her way to the club with other girls. On the other hand, Fazilpuria appeared as Gangster in this music video. It shows the chemistry between both artists

  1. 52 Gaj ka daman

A song named 52 Gaj ka Daman reached the global charts of youtube and maintained the position for four weeks after release. This Song is the main reason why desi records gain huge success and popularity from people. This Song is sung by Renuka Pawar and crosses 1 billion views on Youtube. It is the most successful Haryanvi song in history that make a strong hit.

  1. Sandal

Sandal is another popular and super hit Haryanvi song written by samunder Singh. The lyrics of this Song are handled by Raju Punjabi. The video of this Song features the anjali raghav, vijay verma, Raju Punjabi, Sonika Singh, and Sompal Kashyap. This Haryanvi song is composed by the VR bros.

This Song is widely used on social media because people make videos. The song ‘Sandal’ from the Haryanvi music industry became so viral after it was released. The best thing is that this music video gained more than 65 crore views and increased day by day. Raju Punjabi sang this hit song, and the music was provided by the VR brothers.

  1. Bahu kale ki

The top hit Haryanvi song, bahu kale ki sung by the anu kadyan and gajender phogat. The lyrics of this Song are done by the ajay hooda. The music company of this Song that composed it is the music label. The best thing is that this Song crossed 610M views on Youtube and reached a great number of people.

As this Haryanvi song is a type of upbeat Song, people love to dance to it. This is why this Song is played most at weddings, functions or other events.

  1. Coca-cola

Coca cola is the best Haryanvi song that are sung by ruchika jangid. The video of this Song features the ruchika jangid and kay D. The reason why this Song is famous is because of the title name, coca-cola. The lyrics of this Haryanvi music is aamin barodi. The music label is determined to be Nav Haryanvi, and music is provided by GR. It is a super hit song, as it crossed 610M views on youtube and reached the hearts of people.


These are the super hit and popular Haryanvi songs that make increase its demand. People love to hear the Haryanvi songs and dance to them at parties and weddings. There is an extreme level of joy to dance on Haryanvi songs.

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