World Emoji Day 2022: Here are some most popular emojis on list

World Emoji Day 2022

World Emoji Day is coming up on July 17 and to prepare, we took a look at the most used emojis on social media channels. Not only are these icons ubiquitous on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but they’re also popping up in all sorts of other places, from Twitter to Pinterest.

Smiling Face With Sunglasses

On World Emoji Day, we took a look at the most popular emoji on the list. Smiling Face With Sunglasses was the most popular emoji, with over 8 million occurrences. This emoji is often used to indicate happiness and good mood. Other popular emoji on the list include Heart Eyes With Sunglasses, Grin, and Tongue Out.

Heart With Wings

One of the most popular emojis on World Emoji Day is the heart with wings emoji. It is often used to show support for a loved one or to symbolize love. Other popular emojis on World Emoji Day include the sun, coffee, and winking face.

Thumbs Up

Thumbs up is one of the most popular emojis on the list. It is used to show approval or satisfaction. Other popular emojis on World Emoji Day include hearts, laughing faces, and thumbs down.


This emoji, a heart, is the most popular on the internet, and it’s used to express love, affection, and adoration. There are two versions of the heart: one is a standard-sized red heart and one is a suit that’s slightly darker.

Tears of laughter

This is one of the best emojis out there because it is all about happiness and laughter. It is called tears of laughter because it shows happiness and other emotions, plus it was used a lot on Twitter.