Top 15 Famous Punjabi Songs

Punjabi Song

Are you interested to hear the best Punjabi songs of all time? Punjabi music is the best part of the culture of Punjab. There are a number of music belonging to the Punjabi industry. Punjabi music is a mixture of fun, love, action, thrill, etc. Punjabi folk music become an important part of the traditional celebrations. This is the reason why the everyday music industry evolved more Punjabi songs.

Whether you started to hear Punjabi music recently or are looking for the best hits, you will surely enjoy the given list of the 15 famous Punjabi songs of all time.

  1. Backbone

With millions of views from the audience on Youtube, it is clear that backbone Punjabi songs make strong hits. This famous Punjabi song features the popular singer hardy sandhu. The lyrics of this song are taken from B praak and jaani. This song is a touching ballad in which the singer defines his backbone as significant to others. It is an interesting mix song of melody that make it listed as the best pop-up Punjabi music of all time.

  1. Lehanga

Lehanga is another popular Punjabi song that crosses 1.5 billion Youtube views. It is a mix of an upbeat melody and a heartbreak story of an unsuccessful relationship. In this song, the singer regrets that significance and prefers them to focus on friends rather than his relationship.

This song is written, sung, and even composed by jass manak himself. This song features Mahira Sharma, who also gain huge popularity after big boss 13. This song is definitely played at weddings and parties. From younger kids to old-age ladies, this song best fits all generations. Everyone loved this song, not only from Punjab but all over the world.

  1. Dil lutiya

Dil lutiya is the popular iconic Punjabi song of the 2000s time. It has the lyrics in Punjabi and English. It is a kind of upbeat song that is represented by Jazzy B, who has a multicultural background as a singer in Canada.

It features a sound that is inspired by classic Punjabi music instruments like dhol drums and tables. Along with this, the modern dance rythms are also used in this Punjabi song.

  1. Kya baat ae

Karan Aujla is a renowned and popular name among all Punjabi singers. He gains huge love from fans due to his hit songs. He is one of the most successful Indian digital artists. His song “ kya baat ae” is based on a man who is cheated on by his girl.

This song consists the slow expressive, and tempo singing that conveys the heartbreak behind the story. The video of this Punjabi music features the popular Punjabi actress Tania and shows the story of a doomed couple.

  1. Mundian to bach ke

The Mundian to bach ke song was produced by the Punjabi MC. Punjabi MCs are famous for playing instrumental roles in popular Punjabi songs. This song by Punjabi MC hit the songs industry. In English, the meaning of this song is translated to the beware of boys.

For many people, this song means to introduce the modern Indian music. It is the catchy popular Punjabi song that topped the charts in Germany, Italy, Uk, and Belgium. It is the best mix of pop, Punjabi folk, and dance music. The best thing is that the video of this Punjabi music celebrates Punjabi culture with images of dancing and costumes.

  1. Haan haige Aa

Haan haige is ae is the most popular Punjabi song produced by Canadian Punjabi singer Karan Aujla. This song crosses 143 million views on Youtube. He completes the duet of this song with gurgles Akhtar. She is also a popular Punjabi singer. It uses the answer and classic call structure between two singers.

The effects of modern rap music in Punjabi make the hit to Punjabi songs industry. Along with modern rap music, traditional Punjabi music instruments are also used in this song.

  1. Keh Gayi sorry

Keh gayi songs are recorded by the Punjabi singer Jassie Gill. He produced his song during the pandemic time. It is an emotional Punjabi song whose track tells the story of an unsuccessful couple.

In this song story, the couples realize that their relationship is over and there is nothing remaining to save it. The vocal of this song features the shehnaaz gill. She becomes a popular actor and singer after big boss 13.

  1. Daru

Daru is an upbeat Punjabi song recorded by amrinder gill. This upbeat track features Babu Maan and SuksHinder Shinda. This song represented the Punjabi music of the 2000s time with recognizable influences from dance and modern pop music.

The best thing is that the melody of this Punjabi song features traditional Punjabi instruments. The song lyrics lists the singer’s quality when looking for the potential wife

  1. Aaja mahi

Aaja mahi is a famous Punjabi song by the Bimal Bhanot artist. This Punjabi song is considered a moderate commercial success and an interesting example of modern music in the Punjabi industry.

The track of the song use beat that is easily found in modern rap or trap song. The unique vocal style of this song singer evokes the Carnatic musical style and Punjabi folk music that are popular in the southern part of India.

  1. Doctor

Doctor songs are sung by the popular Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala. He was a famous Punjabi rapper. Before the singer was murdered in 2022, this song hit the music industry.

He also played an important role in building gangster rap culture as part of the Punjabi music scene. Due to this, he faced many legal issues for using considered violent gestures.

The song “ doctor” is a slow-paced track that shows his unique style with a mix of rap-inspired beats with Punjabi classical singing.

  1. Yes or no

Yes, or is the song sung by popular Punjabi singer Jass Manak? It is a fun type of love song that features elements of pop music and culture. This popular Punjabi song includes an electronic melody and an upbeat piano hook.

This song is based on a marriage proposal given by jass manak to a girl in this song. In this, he lists the accomplishments and then asks the girl whether he joined in his life or not.

  1. Filhall

Filhall is another popular Punjabi song that hit the music industry by crossing million of views on YouTube. It topped the Asian Uk charts by making strong hits. It is categorized under the sad pop song that is based on two lovers who meet again after long years.

The lyrics of this song ask some meaningful questions about loss and love. The music video features nupur sanon and Akshay Kumar. The best thing is that this video song is like a short movie that shows the story of two lovers. The great sad story of two lovers is the only reason why this song crosses millions of views from the audience.

  1. Sakhiyaan

Sakhiyaan is a touching Punjabi song that tells a women’s story who becomes suspicious because of neglect by her boyfriend. It is one of the most popular Punjabi songs in the entire industry, with millions of youtube views.

The song track uses music that is a mix of hip-hop and classic rap song. And the vocals of the singer, Maninder Buttar, exist between the rapping and the traditional Punjabi singing.

  1. Khayaal rakhya kar

Khyaal rakhya kar is a Punjabi soft pop song that is a mix of relaxing tempos and melodic guitar tracks. The video of this song features the humans Khurana and asim riaz.

The story of this song is based on the man who gives his advice to live a happy and healthy life. Along with this, the music video also shows the heart-touching moments between a couple. The best thing is that this song gives a positive message to people that best fits to relax in melody.

  1. High rated gabru

High-rated Gabru is all time Punjabi famous music that crosses billions of views on Youtube. This song is sung by Guru Randhawa. Many people also use this song on their ringtone due to the upbeat music. The track of this upbeat song features the hip hop and rap elements.

Guru Randhawa says the word “ gabru” in this song much time, which means boy in the Punjabi language. This song shows the popular boy that takes the attention of all girls around him, and all girls fall in love with him.


This is the list of the top 15 popular Punjabi songs. This list includes the best music of classic favorites and recent hits. You can easily hear this song on Punjabi channels, online song platforms, or Punjabi radio stations. The singers of all the above songs put their efforts into music and give their best to the audience.

Their efforts, production of music, and mix of Punjabi culture and sound make the best reasons to hit all songs.

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