How to Turn the Internet Into Revenue


Internet connection is a necessity for all households in the 21st century. With the tech advancements and new work cultures like remote working, people do not have a choice but to install an internet service at their homes. One advantage of having it is its massive opportunity to make extra dollars.

Considering you must pay to keep your home internet, it begets the question, how can you turn it into a revenue stream? There are several ways to do that. The gig economy has enabled users to earn either passive or primary incomes remotely. For instance, consider virtual assistants or consultants with the internet as their office. Such individuals make a substantial amount of money. Simultaneously, those who can spare at least 30 minutes a day can participate in smaller tasks and earn some passive income.

Factors to Consider

While turning the internet into revenue is desirable, you should consider several factors before doing so. As previously stated, there are different ways to do that; the gig economy’s growth makes it possible. So what do you need to consider? 

  • The End Goal 

As an internet user, you need to know what the intention of the earned revenue is; are you going for passive or primary income? A passive income does not require as much time and dedication as a primary one. For example, virtual assistants can make primary income. Conversely, lending out unused bandwidth will get you a few dollars for passive income. 

  • Business Type 

As an internet user, are you targeting a product or service-based venture? Like the example above, VAs and lending bandwidth are service-based ventures. Product-based ones involve exchanging a commodity for cash, For example, selling products online. 

  • Effort 

While all online engagements that turn the internet into revenue require dedication and commitment, some do not require much direct attention. This aspect is important because the time you assign to a venture will directly affect your compensation.

For instance, you may have a regular job but still need an extra side gig for passive income. If this is the case, you may decide not to waste your internet when working. Lending your unused bandwidth can come in handy as it requires minimal effort and can net you a few extra dollars every month.  

  • Profit in Question 

The number one objective of turning the internet into revenue is to get profit. For example, you lend your unused internet or sell products online to earn money. So, as a user, how much are you expecting for the venture you wish to undertake?

Profits correlate with the end goal of the user. A venture that gets large profit margins is more solid. For instance, working as a virtual assistant or consultant; these kinds of gigs can comfortably sustain you. In contrast, smaller profit margins are seasonal. They are gigs you engage in your free time or those that run co-currently with your job. For example, lending unused internet while doing surveys on your work breaks is a good enough alternative as a passive source of income. 

Strategies to Employ to Turn Your Internet Into Revenue

Now that you know what to consider, let’s take a look at a couple of options you have at your disposal for creating a revenue stream out of your internet.  

  • Sell Products or Services Online

Technological advancements and the gig economy have enabled internet users to interact with prospective consumers. Advances like virtual communities and video recording applications allow consumers to locate and better understand the products or services they need.

Here is where you come in. Identify your skills or the market gap and provide what consumers want to satisfy the demand. Service rendering, in particular, can be very diverse. Some examples include: freelancing, surveys, consultancy, and tutoring. On the other hand, product selling involves outsourcing the items in demand. However, knowing current trends and consumer preferences is essential for success.  

  • Lend Out Internet 

Throughout the article, there are mentions of lending unused bandwidth, so what is this, and how does it work? Companies and individuals have embraced proxy services to conceal their IP sensitivity. In order to provide their services, these companies need other users to willingly “rent” part of their bandwidth to them. 

As a user, you essentially target companies that need to test applications or market their services anonymously. You just need to download vetted and legit applications to your connected device to do this. Then ensure the device is running in the background. A second way the unused internet finds use is through content delivery networks (CDNs). CDNs avail your unused bandwidth to many locations, ensuring high internet availability and low latency access.


Are you ready to turn your internet into a revenue stream ? It may appear complex, but it is quite easy. With the above list, any internet user can evaluate their skills, the market gap in their locality, money targets, and available time. Answering these questions will help them decide which venture is most appropriate. The most appealing requirement is that these gigs do not require a lot of capital; you just need time, dedication, and the internet.

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