What Is a French Drain?

French Drain

Basically, the drain is a primary vessel for unused water and waste liquid to flow away to another location, into a container, or into a stormwater main a waste discharge to be released. Excess of water may be caused due to rainfall so it is very important to dispose of the water properly. Water can build up in the yard due to heavy rain that causes puddles, big patches of mud, and standing water. When water cannot drain away from the yard, it may flow in the direction of the house causing water damage. French drain installation avoids such a type of damage. It helps water to flow away from your house. The protection from enduring harm to the house foundation is possible due to the French drain. The French drain system lowers standing water by drawing it from the ground. Your children and pets can play on the ground without being concerned about puddles and mud.

So what actually is a French drain and how does it work? French drains are used as an alternative to open surface drains for streets and highways. A perforated pipe covered in permeable fabric and placed within trench covered with many gravels and stone.French drain systems function because gravity forces water to flow downward and because water always chooses the path of least resistance. As a result, water is drawn naturally through the stones and into the hollow pipe, where it can freely slope downward towards a storm drain, a rain barrel, or any other location that would be suitable for water drainage.

French Drain Systems

Henry French a judge and farmer who lived inConcord, Massachusetts described about French Drain in 1859 book. He demonstrated the Idea of draining of excess of water.As the water stagnant in the field it drastically affects the improvement of crop.So it is necessary to drain our the water.The system is known from Henry French name and has been used by the people.

As we know,the water is drain out from the soil due to the gravity. Installation of French Drain make easy downward movement of water to take through vacuum, perforated pipe through many layers of stone and gravels.

When there is a heavy raining,water is accumulated around house and start percolating as doesn’t have path to flow. French Drain is to be installed to overcome such a problem. It helps to drained out the water from the surface.

How does French Drains Work

French Drain basically provide path to water to flow. The hollow, perforated pipe redirects the excess water away from an area in certain location like municipal water drain. The water permeable fabric is coated on a pipe to prevent it from other obstructions like weed,mud etc. As water can easily flow through large gaps,the stone and gravels are placed instead of soil.The stone provide large path to drain out the water.

The French Drain is designed by considering each aspect regarding the easier movement of water down the surface.The drainage pipe install in such a angle so that if water enter the pipe then it should be flow away from the home without flooding.It is very essential to cover a pipe with water permeable fabric to allow water in a pipe.During installation all materials are needed to improve the water flow at that time the French Drain will be effective.

When we need touse French Drain Systems

Before the installation of French Drain it is most important to know how will it beneficial and how will it improve the problem cause due to heavy rain,ice melting.

Repeated Flooding and Foundation Damage

The basement from recurring Flooding and Foundation Damage is protected by French Drain.The weeping tiles are fitted around the entire home to direct the water away from foundation. Dueto this,the hydrostatic pressure lowers which provide the alternate way to water to flow away from the surface instead of being forced.

What do we mean by weeping tiles?

Weeping tile is situated around the perimeter of home or French Drain.The pressure exerted by  water can be lowers down with the help of weeping tile. The aim of installation of weeping tiles is to protect the foundation from damage caused due to flooding.It is generally place in deeper point.

Pooling Surface Water

To drain out the excess of water from surface is main aim of French Drain. The drain provide channel to water to flow away from surface.The water are can be catched in basin or any place and later it can be use for the purpose of irrigation to lawn and gardens.

Retaining walls.

French drain is very useful to redirect the excess of water.Retaining wall also help to preventthe erosion of soil .Rainwater that cascades over a retaining wall’s top can erode the soil and vegetation on either side.

Drainage systems redirect this water away from weak points, lessening the damage it causes to the building and its surroundings.

Cost required to Install a French Drain

The cost of materials associated with French drain and cost of professionals must be consider before installing it. Many people need professionals to install the French drain to make it effectively.

If you will install it under the professional you willbe ensureabout its working as well. If any problem is arise you can directly contact with company to sort out the issue. The minimum cost of installation of French drain is about $5,000 upto $18,000.

If drainage is longer then it’s cost is more.$10 to $50 per linear foot for exterior French drain and $40 to $100 for interior French drain is  charged as it requires additional work and techniques to install it.

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