5 Creative Ways to Display and Share Your Favourite Photos

Luxury Photo Albums

It’s not necessary to have photography skills that equal the talents of a pro, to showcase your favourite images in creative ways for all to see and enjoy. Displaying your prints in luxury photo albums is one of the easiest ways to share your favourite snaps with loved ones. The photo album that is practical, stylish and modern is also beneficial for enhancing photograph presentation, whatever level of skill you possess.

If you’d like to impress your family and friends by displaying your favourite photos in a format that’s visually appealing, here are 5 creative ideas to inspire your aesthetic arrangements…

  1. Be Inspired By The Greatest Photographers

Following in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest and most iconic photographers is an excellent way to develop your photographer’s eye. Give your photography style an edge by taking inspiration from the photos snapped by the likes of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon or Annie Leibovitz.

Snap away and don’t be afraid to experiment with different lighting, angles, lens and filters. Take photos of scenery and still life objects that challenge you to explore an alternative artistic perspective.

Print and frame your favourite image, and display it on an artist style easel that demands to be noticed. If you prefer to hang your photograph on the wall, choose an elegant frame complete with mount, and angle your interior lighting so that the image is perfectly lit.

  1. Start A Photo Series

Pictorial storytelling, through a sequence of striking reportage style images that document movement or gradual progression, is a cool way to show off your amateur or professional photography skills.

A photo series that focuses on a single underlying theme invites you to tell a whole story visually. To get you started, choose a random subject matter or a specific colour, and photograph it until you have a selection of creative shots to choose from. To create variety in light and shadow in your images, it’s best to shoot at different times of the day.

When picking photo series images to print and display, hone in on the main attraction first. Choose your favourite photo to display as a centrepiece shot, and highlight it with additional snaps that draw the eye to the more minor, but no less finer details. The photo series prints will look amazing in a themed photo book, or displayed in framed sequence on an accent wall.

  1. Create Modern Wall Art

Create a focal feature in your interior space with a lightweight and oversized canvas print.

A canvas print is the perfect medium for creating modern wall art that is unique and fashionable. For maximum visual impact, browse your luxury photo albums and choose the image that stands out from the rest, or one that features intense detail, texture or contrasting light and shadow.

Once your favourite image is printed onto canvas it will be coated in a protective UV-resistant and dust-proof finish, so that it looks fabulous for years. As canvas modern wall art prints are frameless, and don’t exhibit glare or reflection, they’re ideal for displaying on any wall in any room in your home. And because canvas prints are also lightweight, you can upgrade your favourite photo by displaying it in a panoramic or oversized canvas, or in an eye-catching multi-panel display.

  1. Go Large

Showing off a full-blown, poster size print of your favourite photo is definitely the creative way to go, if you have confidence in your photography talents.

Super-sizing an image to giant poster proportions makes it easy to notice all of the finer detail in the photograph. It’s therefore crucial that you take great care when choosing the best photo to enlarge from your vast collection of snaps. If your favourite image has a lot of background stuff that detracts from the main feature, you can always have it removed via Photoshop.

A max size photo enlargement is a creative display option that is worth exploring, especially if you have a special image that you absolutely love.

  1. Create A Gallery Exhibition

If like most people, you have a ton of photographs at your disposal, there’s no better creative way to display them than in a gallery style exhibition.

A plainly decorated hall or staircase wall is the prime location for an array of striking photographs. Create a stunning and unique work of personalised wall art by selecting your favourite photos and printing them in a variety of different sizes, to display on the largest blank canvas in your home.

For impact, mix and match your photography arrangement like a pro. Display the prints in single colour frames, for a uniform presentation that packs a visual punch. A balanced assortment of small, medium and large photos is equally appealing, if displayed in stylish and elegant fancy frames.

Hanging a ‘washing line’ of natural twine or wire along the entire length of the wall allows you to create a funky modern display that’s perfectly primed for eye level browsing.

Sturdy wooden photo ledges also work a treat, if you’re keen to create a striking gallery display that requires a minimal number of nails in the wall. If wall space is somewhat limited, you can always hang the versatile photo ledge above a doorframe.

As an owner of multiple luxury photo albums, you won’t be short of beautiful images to proudly display and share with your loved ones.

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