10 Types of Exterior Wood Siding

Wood siding

There are different types of exterior Wood siding available based on different styles and species. Wood siding is the oldest type of home siding and has been used for centuries. Even some people consider wood siding as problematic or expensive siding, but still, they love its beauty.

Wood siding has a natural texture and warmth that makes it unique from other siding types. Along with this, there are many benefits of wood siding types, like sustainability. Wood siding ranks as the most durable siding, with low toxicity, has less carbon in it, and is easily disposable. Read more to know about the 10 types of exterior wood siding.

Types of exterior wood siding

There are many different species of wood that are used by manufacturers for siding. Every type of exterior wood siding differs in quality and price and fits according to your budget and needs.

10 Types of Exterior Wood Siding

  1. Pine siding

Pine siding is a famous type of exterior wood siding. The species of this wood siding is the softwood variety, which is less expensive than other exotic hardwood varieties.

You must use a finish like a stain or paint on exposed parts of pine. In this way, it ensures to maintain the internal integrity. This type of exterior wood siding has a good finish already, but it still needs to refinish after every 4-6 years to keep it looking sharp.

  1. Fir siding

Fir siding is considered softwood siding because it is available in longboards. Fir siding is not insect, rot, or moisture-resistant, so there is a need to have a finish. It comes with an even color and grains that allow the finish, like stains and paints. The fir siding boards with a lower grade can cup, warp, and swell with moisture and exposure.

  1. Cedar siding

Cedar is another famous type of wood siding that has exterior use. It has a straight grain that makes it finish well. Cedar is a soft wood material but has good structural integrity. It means that it does not crack, warp, or swell like the other wood siding types. Cedar siding has two further types, heartwood and sapwood.

Heartwood is more costly than sapwood siding because it is insect-resistant, harder, and rot-resistant.

  1. Wood fiber cement siding

Wood fiber cement siding is manufactured with the combination of wood fibers with water, sand, and cement. Manufacturers mold it to give it texture and look like real wood. It is fire resistant and durable wood siding option. Keep in your mind that plywood siding is more expensive than other wood siding available in the market. It is easy to paint this plywood siding, but it does not work with stains.

  1. Redwood siding

Redwood siding is the most coveted type of wood siding because of its high durability and amazing color. It does not shrink or warp like the other exterior wood siding. It is rot, moisture, or insect resistant. Redwood siding is the most expensive wood siding option of all. Due to the beautiful color, it is a more common siding option to stain redwood.

  1. Plywood siding

Plywood is considered engineered wood that is shaped from wood veneer layers together. Plywood siding is known as the T1 11. It is a type of exterior wood siding easily shaped in different forms from plywood boards.

It is a less expensive siding option, but it is vulnerable to rot, moisture, and insects. Plywood siding should be stained or painted in order to maintain its integrity. If you also have plywood siding, you should paint it or stain it on a regular basis.

It is easy and light siding for beginners that help them to install it easily. It is available in large sheets, so you can easily install this wood siding than the other siding.

  1. Accoya siding

Accoya is the leading brand name in the world of acetylated wood. Acetylated wood is a term that comes when manufacturers treat softwood as pine to make it more durable. In this, the manufacturers handle the wood with a special nontoxic vinegar. It creates a wood that is moisture and rot-resistant with a small footprint of carbon particles.

10 Types of Exterior Wood Siding

  1. Exotic hardwood siding

There is some chance when the homeowners need to get a unique look at wood siding without any budget considerations. If you are also one of them, the exotic hardwood siding is the best option.

The common type of exotic hardwood siding is teak, Ipe, mahogany, and  Cumaru. It gives the expensive option of wood siding to people. In North America, this wood siding is not considered a sustainable option for homeowners because most all the hardwoods come from South America.

  1. Cypress siding

Cypress is also a softwood siding option, but it is harder than other types of softwood siding. The best thing is that the cypress siding shares some properties with hardwood siding. It is wood and rot-resistant siding. Cypress siding is common in the southeast, so this type of siding has become the best sustainable choice in this area. It has a unique color and wood grain. There is a need to finish this cypress siding to maintain its integrity for a long time.

  1. Wood composite siding

Wood composite siding is one of the best-engineered types of exterior wood siding that is versatile and durable. Manufacturers make this wood siding with sawdust, wood chips, and bonding agents. It long lasts for 30 years because of its high durability. Wood composite siding does give the natural look of wood and required to paint to make it look more best.


Wood siding is the most popular and oldest siding. The look and style of wood siding are another reason people love it. There are different types of exterior wood siding available to buy that you choose according to your need and budget.

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