8 Best Restaurants in Coventry, UK


Looking for the best restaurants in Coventry? If you have visited Coventry city in Uk ever, you have heard about the best eating places. There are the best restaurants open in Coventry. If you also make travel to Coventry or want to get the best experience by trying the delicious foods, you should know about such restaurants. Here is the article on the 8 best restaurants in Coventry, Uk

  1. Cosy club

It is situated on the upper floor of the cathedral lanes shopping place. It is a mix of pouffes, armchairs, and lampshades that leave the unsure whether you arrived at the Nana front room or a clairvoyant caravan. It serves tasty tapas, mouth-watering mains, and many more dishes. Never forget to show the certificate or ticket on the day to get entry into this restaurant.

  1. My dhabba

If you are a curry lover, then my dhabba is the best place for you to visit in Coventry. It serves Pakistan and Indian traditional dishes at affordable rates. It is suggested to get the best experience by trying delicious Indian platters called thalis. It is situated at the corner of Coventry medieval spon street and Holyhead Road, so ensure to book the table here in advance.

  1. Basement browns

Do you want to try the celebrating pizza at the best restaurant in Coventry? If yes, you should visit the Basement Browns. It is considered an award-winning local chain that provides delicious dough to guests. With gluten and vegan options available in dishes, the basement browns ensure that the pizza is available to all guests. Along with this, there are sides, sauces, and salads available for clients. You need to head to High Street and get the most out of your experience. The best thing is that they also have an additional seating facility for guests in their basement. It means you can get accommodation for some time here along with food.


  1. The botanist

The newest addition to restaurants in Coventry is the botanist. They take pride because of located in the middle of the cathedral lanes shopping place, behind the Godiva statue. Their menu is not big, but the food choice is great. It features the main food and delicious dishes with modern twists.

  1. Habibi

Habibi was found in Far Gosford Street, which brings authentic food flavours for guests in Coventry. If you are a lover of the middle eastern dish, then you must visit Habibi; from halloumi, humous, and batata hara to shrish taouk, sujuk and shawarma, you get everything here. If the climate is good, then you should visit this place and get a secure spot to try the delicious food in Coventry.

  1. Jinseon

You can find the Jinseon restaurant by the 5-minute walk from Coventry Cathedral. It is the best Korean BBQ restaurant, named Jinseon. You should take the pick off to locally-sourced meat,  vegetables, and fish and see the staff cook over the charcoal fire at the guests’ table. There are many food items are consists on the menu, including the traditional bibimbap and KFC, which serve guests in bowls.

  1. Selminas

Selminas restaurant serves a selection of Mexican and Hawaiian food. You can only get a chance to try this food at the City’s Medieval Spon Street. With steaks, sizzlers and salmon-Spinna along with burgers, wraps and salads, there are many foods to try at this restaurant. After the meal, ensure to take a stroll down spon street.


  1. Hickory Smokehouse

If you have an open idea to take a tour from Coventry city centre, then you should visit the Hickory Smokehouse. With the variety of dishes, including burgers, ribs, beef brisket, hot dogs, etc., you get the real delicious taste of deep America South here. It is suggested to avoid visiting this restaurant if you are vegetarian. With a spacious garden, it is good to spend the summer evening at this restaurant.


Here is the top eatery restaurant you should visit in Coventry to get the most delicious experience. All the above restaurants are not good in food but also rich in ambience, seating, and decoration for guests.

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