5 Thai Food Restaurants In Delhi And Tips On How To Find Near Me

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If you are looking for the best Thai food, then New Delhi presents you with amazing Thai food restaurants. However, regardless of that, you could now not be privy to the numerous eateries that serve delectable Thai delicacies. With the growing popularity of Asian cuisine, many new eating places are established everywhere in the town, providing Chinese to Japanese. However, have you attempted Thai cuisine?

Thai delicacies might not be as famous as Chinese delicacies. However, it’s miles progressively gaining attraction amongst clients due to the fact that Thai flavours and tastes are difficult to discover in other cuisines.

Best Thai meal restaurants in Delhi

If you aren’t skilled in Thai delicacies but are looking for a new restaurant, test those alternatives around the city.

  • Thai High

This restaurant, placed in certainly one of Delhi’s most suitable locations, offers conventional Thai cuisine even as it overlooks the dazzling Qutub Minar. This is literally a perfect combination. Along with their wonderful red and inexperienced curries, they strive for their Tom Kha and Tom Yam soup.

  • Pa Pa Ya

This restaurant has been serving Thai meals to its faithful clients for a long term and has earned a place inside the hearts of Thai food fans as an excellent aggregate of brilliant atmosphere and best dining. Try their super drinks, which they could even customise for you, similar to their traditional Thai delicacies.

  • MamaGoto

This restaurant is known for imparting the genuine taste of Thailand, further serving Chinese food and outstanding sushi. It has the whole thing for everybody, from its well-known red and green curries to sticky rice and pad Thai noodles. This is possibly going to be your next go-to spot for a consolation dinner.

  • You Mee

This is an incredible vicinity for a dinner along with your buddies. Try their fried greens in Thai style, in addition to their delicious Thai curries. They also have coconut-primarily based ramen that you ought to strive for.

  • Ping Café orient

Pings, one of Delhi’s maximum-rated eating places, has been receiving numerous tremendous rankings for quite some time. So do check out this one. Everyone who steps foot there may receive their aromatic sticky rice and Thai curries. They serve first-rate Chinese and Korean food further to Thai.

How to find the best Thai restaurants in Delhi

Discovering the excellent Thai restaurants in Delhi can be an exciting culinary adventure. Here are five guidelines that will help you find and experience the best Thai delicacies in the town:

  • Online Reviews and Ratings

Start your search with the aid of checking online evaluation structures. These structures provide treasured insights into the great food, service, and ordinary eating revel. Look for Thai restaurants with high ratings and effective reviews from customers who’ve visited recently.

  • Ask for Recommendations

Reach out to pals, colleagues, and acquaintances who have dined at Thai eating places in Delhi. Personal recommendations often cause hidden gems that won’t be famous but offer extremely good Thai cuisine. Word-of-mouth tips can be enormously precious.

  • Social Media and Food Bloggers

Follow neighbourhood food bloggers and influencers on social media platforms. Use relevant hashtags to discover posts and insights from those who’ve explored the Thai food scene in the metropolis.

  • Explore Thai Communities

Delhi is home to a diverse population, along with Thai expatriates. Consider reaching out to individuals in the Thai community or journeying to areas with a big Thai presence. Locals regularly have high-quality know-how approximately true Thai eating places that cater to their tastes.

  • Menu Research

Once a few Thai restaurants have shortlisted you, take a better look at their menus. Authentic Thai eating places will provide a whole lot of traditional dishes and can spotlight their use of traditional Thai ingredients. Look for signature dishes like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice. A diverse menu regularly indicates a commitment to true Thai flavours.


So, what are you watching for? Save this listing, name your pals, and skip the dull lunch plans in favour of journeying to one of the super Thai eateries in the town. We may not be planning a ride to Thailand simply. However, we can definitely add Thai food to our culinary revel.

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