Jawanum Mullappoovum Malayalam Movie: Review and Cast


Jawanum Mullappoovum is an upcoming Malayalam Drama Film Starring Sini Abraham, Devi Ajith, Sumesh Chandran, Vinod Kedamangalam, Rahul Madhav, Harisree Martin, Shivada Nair, Sandeep Padmanabhan. The movie was directed by Raghumenon. The film is permitted with a certificate “U/A” via the valuable board of the movie certification. Here, you can discover the Jawanum Mullappoovum film OTT Platform, digital rights for streaming online, and Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie OTT release date, Jawanum Mullappoovum Satellite rights to a TV Channel.

A close look at Jawanum Mullappoovum

High school trainer Jayashree (Shivada Nair) is trying to adjust her lifestyle to fit her circle of relatives’s desires. On the alternative side, her husband Giridhar (Sumesh Chandran) leads a disciplined life as a retired army guy, at the same time as machine-friendly daughter Diya brings an exchange within the family. To make things worse, Jayshree has to face the dark aspect of the net.

Release date of Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie

Jawanum Mullappoovum is a rather expected Malayalam movie set to hit the huge screens on March 31, 2023. This movie has been in the works for quite a while, and fanatics of Malayalam cinema eagerly wait for its release. Directed by newcomer Abhiram Suresh Unnithan, Jawanum Mullappoovum guarantees to be a unique cinematic enjoyment.

The cast of Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie

Sshivada Nair, Sumesh Chandran, Rahul Madhav, Devi Ajith, Balaji Sarma, Nandu Poduval, and others are featured in the forged of the movie Jawanum Mullappoovum. Raghu Menon is the director, and Vinod Unnithan and Sameer Sait are the manufacturers. Shyal Satheesh is in fee of the cinematography, and 4Musics composed the track for this movie.

Plot of Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie

The story of how Jayashree gets through the difficulties she faces is the focus of the movie, which is set in their circle of relatives’s lifestyles. The movie additionally capabilities a sizeable role for Rahul Madhav.

Review of Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie

The family entertainer begins off with an effective observation. As viewers begin to get cushy with an experience-top tale, they may be thrust into an environment that has numerous intrigue and suspense. The film progresses quite clearly, and you won’t experience that the storyline is pressured at any second. Full marks must be offered to the screenplay of this movie.

Director Raghumenon has executed a commendable activity. The movie maintains moving at a constant tempo, and you won’t get yourself stuck at any moment. Also, the emotional scenes are accomplished quite well, which makes it a heartwarming film to look at.

Sumesh has performed the main lead for the first time in his career, and he has absolutely aced the role. It would be correct to mention that he has all the competencies to turn out to be a future superstar in the Malayalam film enterprise. Sshivada is the heart and soul of this movie. Her man or woman is the most crucial part of the Jawanum Mullapoovum tale, and he or she has carried out an incredible task with it.

Rahul Madhav has played his position with perfection, and his importance can not be ignored. The heritage score of the film is likewise coronary heart-touching, and the digicam paintings are likewise on top of things.

Satellite rights of Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie

As quickly as the film comes out in theatres, all of us is eager to peer the Jawanum Mullappoovum film on TV from the consolation of our own home. The movie manufacturer will provide the Satellite rights to a Television channel to telecast the movie on TV. There will be a replacement on the Jawanum Mullappoovum film satellite TV for PC rights shortly. We will soon replace the reliable channel with the satellite rights for the Jawanum Mullappoovum film to move on their platform. There may be a large promotion earlier than the satellite launch.


Jawanum Mullappoovum Movie is a Malayalam movie planned to launch in India, and the movie was produced by means of 2 Creative Minds. This movie has obtained 9 out of 10 scores from users, and it is anticipated that more than 60% of users will like the movie.

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