Top 10 places to visit in Thailand


Thailand is a major and attractive country in terms of tourist destination located in the continent of Asia. Thailand is most preferred by tourists among South Asian countries. Thailand is naturally much more developed. Tourist and religious places full of many beautiful attractions can be seen here. There are many tourist places in Thailand such as cities, religious places, wildlife, beaches, etc., which people come from different countries to visit and feel very happy after visiting these places. In today’s article, we will know about some such major places of Thailand which are very much liked by tourists and tourists come to visit from other countries besides Thailand –

Famous Thailand Tourist Places:



Bangkok is surrounded by many beautiful beaches. It is the capital of Thailand. There are many things that attract tourists here. The most famous of these are Marine Park and Safari.

There are many pilgrimage places, night clubs, markets and many more places to visit in Bangkok which are highly preferred by the tourists. Some of the major places to visit in Bangkok include Lumphini Park, Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha – Wat Phra Si etc.

Pattaya city

Pattaya is a beautiful natural adventure city in Thailand. Many watersports activities are also done here. Pattaya is a beautiful place to visit with friends and family. The attraction here is the many restaurants, cafes, brightly lit shops and nightlife located here.

Chiang Mai Thailand

It is considered to be the most prosperous city of Thailand, it is one of the 25 best places in the world, if you want to feel the old world then definitely go here. There are more than 300 temples in this city. Modern architecture, museums and natural sites will be seen here. Here you will find colors from all over the world.

Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Island is one of the famous islands of Thailand. Phi Phi is a group of 6 islands. After visiting this Phi Phi Island of Thailand, you can also enjoy many activities here. Phi Phi Island’s water is crystal clear. People also come here to spend time in solitude. It is very much liked by Phi Phi tourists.


Krabi is a popular beach in Thailand. It is considered very popular as a honeymoon destination in Thailand. Lush green forests and many deeps are one of the major attractions of this beach. The view of the blue sea from here and the major attractions located around it adds to its beauty.

Floating Market Thailand

The Floating Market is an underwater market located in Thailand. You will get to see almost many things in this market. Some people also visit this market who come from countries other than Thailand only to see this market. You can shop in this floating market by sitting in a small boat. One of the major places to visit in Thailand, the Floating Market is a tourist favorite.

Koh Samui – Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s major tourist destination, it is a tropical island, and is famous for its beautiful beaches and luxury resorts, the nightlife here is also tremendous if you come to Thailand to enjoy night life. If you are staying then you must come to this place called Koh Samui, here a very beautiful temple named Big Buddha has also been established, apart from this there is also Song Marine National Park, in which you can roam.

Thailand’s Famous Beach Mu Ko Ang Thong

Ang Thong, literally meaning Bowl Of Gold, is a popular national park in the Gulf of Thailand. There are 42 islands located here and the headquarters of this park is Ko Wua Talap. Here travelers can stay in beautiful bungalows and soak in incredible views of the surrounding islands and bizarre rock formations.

Best Time To Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to April, at this time you can visit Thailand and places like Phuket Pattaya very well, apart from this, if you want to enjoy playing golf here, then you should visit in January Must come between September to September, this time is considered the best for playing golf, but after August the rainy season starts here, so you have to take care of it, overall we can say that Thailand is the best place to visit. Winters are the best for tourism, the weather here is very hot in summers, so you should visit here only in winters.


Where is the country of Thailand located?

The country of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia of the continent of Asia.

Which language is spoken in Thailand?

The language spoken mostly in Thailand is Thai, apart from this, most of the people here also understand English.

What currency is used in Thailand?

The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht or Thai Baht.

What is the famous food of Thailand?

Thai Curry, Hari Curry, Fried Rice, Spicy Salad, Pani Puri etc. are famous food of Thailand.

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