What is the full form of CSC?


CSC is Full Form or Means Common Service Center. The full form of CSC in Hindi is Sarvajanik Seva Kendra or Jan Seva Kendra. This service is an important service launched under the Digital India plan. Which provides many essential public services in the rural and remote areas of the country, where modern services such as internet and computer facilities are not available even today.

The facilities provided by the Central Government are made accessible to the public through the Common Service Center. The person who operates the CSC is called VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur). Many e-services are being provided by the Government of India to the common citizens so that they do not have to worry much, but even today there are many such backward villages and towns in India where proper internet facilities are not available, in such places CSC Centers are providing E-Service.

CSC Full Form in English

  • C – Common
  • S – Service
  • C – Centre

What is CSC?

CSC i.e. Common Service Center has been started by the Government of India under Bharat Nirman to take its e-governance services to the doorstep of Indian citizens. CSC involves the creation of more than 100,000 CSC (Common Service Centers) across India.

The objective of CSC is to provide essential services in rural areas. Agriculture, health, entertainment, education, banking and financial services, utility payments and many other services are provided to Indian citizens through CSCs. VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) works for CSC.

G2C (Government to Consumer), B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) services are provided in CSC.

How does CSC work?

A VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) is selected at each center to run the CSC (Common Service Center), which takes the services of the CSC to the people.

Services Available at CSC Center

You can get the benefit of many government and non-government services through CSC Digital Seva Kendra, some of the main services are listed below.

  • Insurance Services
  • Passport
  • LIC
  • State Bank Of India
  • Pension Services
  • Banking
  • Basic Services
  • Led MSU
  • Skill Development
  • Election
  • Electricity Bill Payment
  • Railway Ticket
  • Education
  • Health Care Services
  • New Services
  • Caste Certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • PAN Card

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