Top 7 Adult Korean Movies

Adult Korean Movies

The vast majority of audiences depend on Hollywood to see horny, and hot movies, yet South Korean films remain largely unknown. In many ways, South Korean romance is more expressive in terms of plot and more artistic in its portrayal. The top 7 South Korean adult films that you won’t soon forget are listed below.

1.The Handmaiden

A psychological erotica, “The Handmaiden” is one of the greatest movies of all time ever released in South Korea. The movie is set at the time when Japan invaded Korea, and it was initially taken from the book “Fingersmith.” The three parts of the film “The Handmaiden” convey the tale of various royal intrigues and seductions. Seeing Park Chan-depiction wook’s of traditional Korea is certainly enjoyable. Moreover, it holds itsown as an adult movie with a lot of sex scenes illustrating the intensity and need of love. One of the top South Korean movies, “The Handmaiden,” has a worldwide box office haul of over $38 million.


In the adult film “Obsessed,” a South Korean army lieutenant is the main character. The story takes place in 1969, following the end of the Vietnam War. After some remarkable occurrences, a senior officer falls in love with the wife of his fellow officer, and they eventually meet for a secret meeting. Yet their affair was soon made public in the open. This sexy movie, which was directed by Kim-Dae woo, is very well-liked in South Korea and earned $3.6 million at the box office. Song Seung-heon portrays Colonel Kim Jin-pyeong, and Lim Ji-yeon portrays Jong Ga-heun, in the main roles.

3.A Good Lawyer’s

A perfect example of an adult film that tells the tale of a complicated family is “A Good Lawyer’s Wife.” While the other family members are also not in their ideal mental clarity, a lawyer’s wife experiences loneliness and indulge in extramarital activities. Im Sang-soo, the film’s writer and director, has received a lot of praise for telling a tale that captures the basic need of every person. This box office hit, which starred Moon So-ri, Hwang Jung-min, and Bong Tae-gyu, won prizes like best actress at the Stockholm International Film Festival and was nominated for a Venice International Film Festival award.

4.In “The Scent

A film for adults, Kim Hyeong-jun tackles betrayal. The life of private eye Kang Seon-woo, who focuses in adultery cases, is portrayed in the film. The movie was made by Kim on a serious theme with a touch of humour. Park Hee-soon performed a legendary job inthe movie; as the hero, he carried the whole thing by himself. Likewise, Park Si-yeon has performed her duties excellently. The romantic scenes in the movie hold the audience’s attention because of the outstanding camera work. Despite receiving mixed reviews, the movie attracted a sizable audience.

5.Purpose Of Reunion

Reunions may be either painful or lovely. As the title suggests, the movie “Purpose of Reunion” is about a party. The beautiful South Korean film is directed by the writer and director Jung Dae-man. The main goal of the film is to portray the eroticism of a couple while also showcasing the romanticism of their fascinating relationship.


The film focuses on famous sculptor Jun-hyuk and his masterpiece, a bare-chested statue of an alluring woman. Although Jun-hyuk and his model had a romantic relationship, he only saw it as professional. Because of Jun-actions, hyuk’s the woman suffered, and she gone missing. In terms of artistic efforts, Korean movies have long been attractive; Natalie is no exception. With their creative storytelling techniques, the lead actor Lee Sung-jae and director Ju Kyung-jung have elevated the film to a whole new level.

  1. Innocent Crush

An infatuation developed over a love story movie. In a girls’ school, Joon Ki (Jang Hyuk) teaches physical education. He has a relationship with one of his students despite having a wife who is pregnant. Their innocent type of lust developed into intense obsession. The movie presents this family person’s dilemma in a very obvious manner. The filmmaker, Kim Tai-kyun, created this outstanding film in a straightforward manner so that it would appeal to a wide audience.

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