Full Form Of PC

Full Form Of PC

Technology has taken man to the pinnacle of success. In which PC also has the biggest contribution. Now when it comes to PC, everyone hears this word every day. The person who is from the technology field knows this very well. But still, we will give its full form and detailed information about it to all of you.

What is the full form of a PC?

The full name of the PC is “Personal Computer”. As soon as we read the word personal, we realize that we are talking about something that is our own. That is why the word “PC” is used for computers. Which is the short form of My Computer.

P For = Personal

C for = Computer

We all know that PC has many full forms. But the most popular full form is personal computer.

PC features

There are some features of PC which make it even more special.  Which is given below:

  • This size is very small.
  • The price of PC also reduces. That’s why even a common man can buy them.
  • We can design PC as per our need.
  • These are mostly used in homes.
  • PC is a great gadget for entertainment and online education.

Some other full forms of PC

  • Police Constable
  • Program Counter
  • Personal Communications
  • Postal Code
  • Program Control

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