Opkey – Helping with Easy Oracle EBS to Cloud Migration


Oracle EBS to cloud migration has become a necessity for modern business organizations. A cloud-based system can help organizations in gaining access to necessary resources and therefore carry out dedicated processes with complete effectiveness. The overall process of migration from a simple enterprise-based system to a more reliable and feature-rich Oracle EBS to cloud system can be made hassle-free through the use of Opkey oracle cloud migration solution. Various extensive features of the software solutions can help in the creation of a robust Oracle cloud migration strategy and therefore help with getting out the necessary testing processes for adoption.

  1. Identifying of dedicated Oracle cloud migration scope:

The Opkey Cloud migration tools and software solutions are completely capable of defining a clear scope of work for hassle-free cloud migration. The project teams can be aligned and their responsibilities can be delivered which can help business organizations exponentially. Moreover dedicated tools are made available that can help businesses in defining the scope of cloud migration. Various business resources and aspects are streamlined which can ensure hassle-free cloud migration without any kind of discrepancy or disruption to the normal business workflow. Key focus areas can be identified and streamlined to carry out the necessary migration and testing procedures.

  1. Hassle-free and reliable identification of testing gaps:

The cloud migration system is completely capable of carrying out the necessary testing procedures. Testing is essential for ensuring hassle-free adoption of a cloud base system which can further help in the identification of any gaps in the testing processes. The automated testing solution can easily identify any gaps, resolve the same and therefore improve the overall process of test coverage. Testing scripts can be identified and necessary processes can be carried out to ensure hassle-free adoption of the Oracle cloud-based system.

  1. Making necessary configuration changes and resolving deviations:

Process deviations can be resolved easily. The automated solution can easily understand any kind of deviations in the configurations and therefore make necessary changes within the same. All the necessary processes and applications working within the business environment can be streamlined for the adoption of the Oracle cloud-based system. Comparison assessments are carried out between the configurations and customizations to highlight any key changes in the environment. The process of adopting Oracle’s cloud-based system and its integration with business applications can be made easy.

  1. Creation of automatic critical reports:

The configurations of various applications and various analysis reports can be created by the software system on its own. These reports consist of graphical representations and analysis information that can be used for the creation of dedicated testing scope. The new cloud environment can be easily understood, adopted, and established. Hassle-free migration to a cloud base system by keeping the business applications intact can all be made possible through the reports that are generated. The type of testing scripts used gaps in the analysis and various other aspects and information is included within the testing reports which can be validated and used by an organization. End-to-end regression and impact analysis reports can also be created which can help business organizations in ensuring the integrations are functioning properly in the new cloud environment or not.

  1. Including the necessary oracle cloud updates:

The cloud migration system is also capable of including and integrating new updates and patchwork into the Oracle cloud base system even after post-migration. Any updates to the cloud framework of the environment can be easily included and installed without any kind of hassle. All the necessary procedures can be carried out to ensure new updates are included on time which can help businesses in taking advantage of the new features and functionalities that are delivered. Moreover, security changes, patchwork, and defect resolution changes are included on time as well.

  1. Making available dedicated test scripts:

All the necessary pre-built test scripts and templates are already impacted within the system. The software solution is completely capable of carrying out testing solutions for hassle-free migration and adoption of Oracle cloud-based software. Moreover, the requirement for any new testing scripts can be resolved as well. Companies and organizations are provided with the flexibility of creating test scripts for better test coverage as well.

  1. End-to-end continuous testing:

Hassle-free and continuous testing processes can be carried out within the Oracle cloud ecosystem as well. Various connected applications and technologies are available within an organization that can be tested and combined with the Oracle cloud-based environment. Any kind of disruption or discrepancy can be resolved. Continuous testing procedures are carried out both pre-as well and post-migration to ensure the long-term functionality of the Oracle EBS cloud-based system.

  1. Introducing new updates on time:

Any kind of new updates to the Oracle cloud base system can be easily adopted as well. Faster updates and their adoption as well as installation can be carried out without any kind of hassle. The overall process of making the necessary updates post-migration can be handled by the system on its own. End-to-end testing cycles can be created and performed without any need for manual intervention.

All these features make the Oracle EBS cloud migration Tool delivered by Opkey the best and most reliable. All the necessary testing procedures can be carried out, a testing strategy can be created and various other solutions can be delivered for the execution of the migration plan with efficiency. The cycles can be created and performed at the overall process of cloud migration can be automated. Cost saving, reducing the efforts of an organization as well as enabling an organization to focus on its core activities are all benefits that the tools are delivered. Faster updates end to end automation and delivery of modern features and functionalities can all be made possible through a single system that Opkey makes available. The process of shifting from an Oracle EBS to a cloud-based environment can be made easy, convenient, and hassle-free. The best support solutions are also made available both pre-and post-migration to ensure the hassle-free working of various applications and software used by a business.