Must-Have Sandals for the 2024 Collection


Did you know that sandals are most likely the world’s oldest type of footwear? They were supposedly first worn by the Egyptians, and they were typically fashioned from ropes, herbs, and animal pelts. A sandal is a common choice these days, especially in the summer, but that wasn’t always the case. Although sandals have always been associated as a footwear option for women, you will be surprised to know that in ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece, they were mostly worn by men and served as a prestige symbol for those with power and authority.  These days, almost everyone owns a pair, with women using them more frequently than men. Sandals have evolved from being a status symbol to a fashion accessory!

Which footwear can be identified as a sandal?

One of the most popular types of footwear category is a pair of sandal. A sandal’s anatomy, however, differs from that of other types of shoes. Typically, shoes completely or mostly enclose the foot. The majority of the foot is visible with sandals, an open-toe shoe design. Most of the time! As you can see, several sandals do not fit this criterion. An outsole with at least one strap spanning the foot makes up a sandal. Certain sandals use multiple straps to secure the toes, ankle, and instep. Some sandals have heels and distinct uppers and outsoles.

Let’s now delve into some popular sandal types. Although ballet flats and metallic sandals have been the staples of the last season, there is time yet to dump them into your storage. But first, let us take a look at some of the fresh collections.

Different types of trending sandals

  • The flat sandals

These sandals are the height of casual fashion and are also simply referred to as slides. Both men’s and women’s slide sandals are open-toed, backless shoes. One strap, many straps, and a heel or none at all are possible. The Romans were among the first people to wear sandals with pride thousands of years ago.

  • The gladiator sandals

Sandals come in many varieties, and the first ones were invented in ancient Rome and have been worn for millennia. Roman sandals were among them. Flat leather straps that went around the foot, ankle, and occasionally up the calves were used to make these for soldiers and gladiators. The leather was either cattle or deer. Women’s gladiator sandals, available in a variety of styles, are becoming a fashionable shoe type. A real summertime mainstay, they are frequently spotted on the bright grounds of various music festivals.

  • Strappy sandals

Any sandal style that has several straps on the upper that connect the shoe’s outsole to the foot—often crisscrossing across the ankle and calf – is considered strappy. The first strappy sandals were gladiator sandals, but they are now made in a variety of styles with thin leather or suede straps. Sandals with a strappy design may have a wedge, a low heel, or both. These days, flat leather soles in tan, metallic, or neutral hues are very fashionable. You can wear strappy sandals with practically everything.

  • Platform sandals

The heels of platform sandals are platform. A platform is an additional component of these heels that is placed beneath the front portion of the outsole. The user gains height from it, and the size can change. Due to the platform’s ability to lower the foot’s inclination and lessen the strain on the ball of the foot, platform sandals are typically more comfortable. Platforms that are completely level are referred to as flatforms. Presently, these are recognized as footwear featuring an elevated outsole, typically composed of rubber or wood, and they are available in numerous shoe and sandal designs, such as espadrilles and stylish sports sandals.

  • Toe loop sandal

A loop at the toe secures the foot to the outsole of toe loop sandals, which are strappy sandal designs. In addition to gladiator sandals and other sandal varieties, certain flip-flop designs and slides may also feature an additional toe loop. The toe loop of a minimal pair of high-heeled sandals can also be bejeweled to resemble a toe ring.

Why are sandals the most popular footwear choices? 

Sandals are cozy shoes that give your feet support and steadiness. Although the sandals’ soles might be thin or thick, they are more comfortable to walk in. They let the toes show, so there’s no chance of perspiration getting inside your shoes. A decent women’s sandal should fit the customer’s style preferences and offer supportive wear. They are appropriate for wear to work, school, the beach, picnics, informal gatherings, etc. You won’t likely experience any soreness with sandals. You can wear them for extended periods of time when standing or walking. Owning sandals may also have the benefit of making shoe washing easier. 

Categorization of sandals based on materials

Sandals can be made of rubber, leather, rope, and other materials. Rubber sandals are excellent for beach days and monsoons since they are water-resistant, which is what makes them good. Due to their sophistication, style, and comfort, leather sandals are also highly popular. Affordable women’s sandals can be found at online shoe retailers with thousands of goods and a large selection of designs.


Choosing to wear sandals for women can be a freeing fashion decision that goes beyond conventional gender roles. A special fusion of comfort and expression is provided by the elegant, open design and variety of styles. Beyond aesthetics, women’s sandals frequently put comfort first, which makes them a useful and fashionable choice for warm weather. Adopting a diverse shoe wardrobe not only exudes confidence but also supports a larger societal movement that values individuality over gender norms.

Why should you choose Novo Shoes?

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