A Guide to the Various Types of Internet Security Solutions


You know you need to put in extra effort to protect your digital devices from cyberattack — but the world of cybersecurity is not always easy to understand. If you are struggling to determine the differences between different types of device security solutions, here is a straightforward guide to help you determine which features you absolutely need.

Internet Security Suite

An internet security suite offers comprehensive protection from a variety of threats that you and members of your household might encounter online. Some components included in a security suite might include:

    • File encryption
    • Password management
    • Webcam protection
    • Parental controls
    • Identity monitoring
    • Virtual private network access
  • Cloud backup

The term “suite” does not have a strict meaning in cybersecurity, and most cybersecurity firms have slightly different features within the security suites they offer. Therefore, it is important that you look into the details of a security suite to ensure it has all the features you need before you commit. It might benefit you to upgrade to premium internet security from a cybersecurity leader to ensure that you and your loved ones are as safe as possible from all manner of online threats.


There are billions of pieces of malware currently floating around the web, and nearly half a million new instances of malware are detected every day. While web users can learn how to avoid most malware — by refusing to interact with strange email and social media messages, by staying away from risky websites, by ignoring strange USB drives, etc. — the truth is that avoiding malware entirely is almost impossible without the help of antivirus.

Antivirus is a mandatory component of internet security solutions that actively scans for malicious programs, isolates malicious codes and helps you delete and recover from malicious infections. Most antivirus programs are signature-based, meaning they identify malware by comparing a program’s code with a built-in library of known malware signatures. Updates to the antivirus often include new additions to the signature library, which makes regularly updating your antivirus especially important. Other forms of antivirus include heuristic analysis, which allows the antivirus program to identify unknown malware without a signature. In the coming years, antivirus may also be bolstered by AI.

Spyware Protection

Spyware is a unique variety of malware that doesn’t necessarily attack a user’s device but does monitor it, cataloging a user’s activity in search of valuable information that cybercriminals may be able to use. Often, spyware attempts to collect login credentials, banking information, personal identification numbers and other rather sensitive data, all of which can be used to steal identities, draw upon credit and drain savings accounts. Spyware might also send messages to anyone in your email or social media contact lists, which can spread infections and also help attackers collect personal information.

Because spyware does not work to make itself known the way that other malware does, spyware infections can be difficult to detect, even for robust antivirus solutions. You might consider investing in dedicated spyware protection software, which looks specifically for known spyware applications.

Disk Cleaner

Disk cleaning programs are not always included in lists of internet security programs, but they are nonetheless valuable for clearing your device of digital buildup that can mask the signs of attack and otherwise interfere with proper device performance. Disk cleaners delve into your device storage, erasing orphaned strings of code, outdated cookies and other digital bits that are not contributing to the function of your device but rather taking up unnecessary space. More powerful disk cleaners might also help identify applications you no longer use, which can further clear up space for more practical applications. Experts recommend using a disk cleaner every few months, but you can set your cleaning program to run on an automatic schedule as frequently as every month.

Every time you access the internet, you risk the safety of your device and data. However, if your device is properly equipped with the right internet security solutions, you can use the internet with confidence and ease.

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