Mens Haircuts for Thinning Hair Tips

Thinning Hair
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Thinning hair is something that most men experience as they age. However, this is not always bad news. There are plenty of trendy men’s haircuts for thin or fine hair.

This article focuses on professional tips on how to care for thin hair. As well, check out some of the hottest mens haircuts for thinning hair.

Styling Tips for Thin Hair

  1. Wash your hair often to prevent clumping

Despite what many people think, routinely washing your hair does not make it thinning faster. Your hair will clump together if it becomes very oily or greasy, which can cause harm to your scalp and hair thinning.

It is therefore important to wash your hair more frequently to avoid letting oil and hair products weigh it down. The more regularly you shampoo your hair, the fuller, thicker, and healthier your hair looks. It is best to use mild washes on your hair and scalp in light of this.

  1. Use a volumizing conditioner on your hair daily

Even if you don’t shampoo your hair every day, it is important to use it to condition your hair every day. Condition your hair in the shower or use a leave-in conditioner; invest in a volumizing conditioner that contains fortifying ingredients.

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  1. Try a thickening serum

Thickening serums are a great way to make your hair thicker and fuller. Be sure to purchase a hair-thickening serum that is rich in essential nutrients. Apply the serum to damp hair and blow dry for added volume and sheen.

  1. Use dry shampoo

Almost every woman can attest that dry shampoo is a lifesaver. Invest in a good dry shampoo if you don’t want to wash your hair daily. It is a great tool for those with active lifestyles, as it quickly soaks up excess oil. As well it adds a ton of body to thin or fine hair. Don’t forget to scrub your scalp the next time you shampoo your hair in the shower. Dry shampoo tends to create a buildup that weighs your hair down if you use it too much between regular shampooing.

  1. Stop combing your hair

Using a brush or comb actually makes your hair look flat and limp. Add volume to your hair by styling it with your fingers to add texture and body.

  1. Blow dry your hair to add volume

Air drying hair is trendy, especially for curly or wavy hair.  However, the best way to add volume for those mens haircuts for thinning hair is to blow dry it. Rough your hair with your fingertips to add more texture and volume as you dry. It is best to dry your hair on the coolest setting to prevent damage and breakage.

  1. Invest in quality hair products for thin or fine hair

Avoid waxy or greasy products, as these only weigh down your hair. Hair gel should be avoided as it just clumps your hair and makes it look and feel heavy. Invest in quality lightweight hair products designed for thinning hair. The best products for thin and fine hair include mousse, pomades, and light hair pastes.

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  1. Use a scalp treatment weekly to protect your scalp.

Taking care of your scalp promotes healthy hair growth. Once a week, use a scalp treatment that is highly concentrated. This helps to eliminate product buildup as well as harmful bacteria that cause damage to your scalp. These weak scalp treatments also nourish both the scalp and hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

  1. Choose the right mens haircut for thinning hair.

Short men’s haircuts are actually the most flattering for those with thin or fine hair. Long hair tends to weigh your hair down and make it look flat. Short hair looks and feels healthier and is less prone to breakage.

Following are some of the best short mens haircuts for those with fine or thin hair. Ask your barber what mens hairstyles are best for your hair texture and facial structure.

  1. Buzz cut
  2. Temple fade
  3. Pompadour
  4. Undercut
  5. Crew cut
  6. Faux-hawk
  7. Quiff
  8. Mid-fade with deep side part
  9. Comb-over fade
  10. Textured crop with side fade
  11. Slicked back
  12. Subtle fade
  13. Short and spiky
  14. Wavy top
  15. Mid-length man bun

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