Investing In Real Estate In Bali: Victoria Halitska’s Experience And Her Charity Projects


Bali, a beautiful island in Indonesia, attracts the attention of not only tourists but also investors. This tropical area offers huge potential for real estate investment. One of the successful developers who uses this potential to the fullest is Victoria Halytska. Let’s take a look at her experience in the Bali real estate market, as well as her important role in charity projects.

Investment success of Victoria Halitska in Bali

Victoria Halitska


ViktoriyaHalitska is a successful developer who has been engaged in construction for more than 12 years, 3 of which in Bali. Its investment success on the island shows the attractiveness of the region for investing in real estate. Victoria has already implemented several successful projects that bring her stable passive income. This shows the prospects of the real estate market in Bali and opportunities for successful investment.

However, Victoria Halytska’s success is not limited to real estate investments. She is also noted for her important contribution to charity projects in Bali. Victoria actively supports orphans and conducts various charity events for their support. She built a large playground for public use, which is free for children, and is also finishing the construction of an orphanage for 90 children. In addition, Victoria runs social programs for children, including master classes.

Charitable activities demonstrate her social responsibility and desire to help those in need. Her efforts are designed not only to improve the lives of orphans, but also to change the perception of Ukrainians about charity and its importance. She sets an example of a successful business woman who invests not only her financial resources, but also her time and efforts in charity.

Attractiveness of Bali for Ukrainian investors

  • Tourist attraction. Bali is known for its extraordinary beauty, exotic beaches, scenic features and cultural richness. This tropical area attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Investing in real estate in Bali offers ample opportunities to earn money by renting accommodation for tourists.
  •  Stable demand for rent. Bali is a popular holiday destination all year round. Thanks to its natural beauty, climate and variety of cultural events, tourists visit the island throughout the year. This creates a constant and stable demand for rental properties, which makes Bali attractive for investors who want to receive a stable passive income.
  • International environment. Bali is a place where tourists and investors from all over the world gather. This creates an international and diverse environment where people from different countries collaborate and develop their businesses. For Ukrainian investors, this means an opportunity to build contacts with foreign partners, expand their network of connections and open new perspectives for the development of their business.
  • Favorable conditions for investments. Bali offers favorable conditions for real estate investment. The cost of real estate on the island is relatively affordable compared to other popular resort destinations. At the same time, rental rates for housing in Bali are high, providing a healthy income stream for investors. In addition, there are a number of fiscal and legal advantages for foreign investors, which contributes to the creation of a favorable investment climate.
  • Development of tourist infrastructure. Bali is actively developing its tourism infrastructure, including hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment. Investing in commercial real estate in Bali can be a profitable option for those looking to profit from a tourism-related business.

Ukrainian investors have great interest in Bali as a place for real estate investment. Its tourist attraction, stable rental demand, international environment, favorable conditions for investment and development of tourist infrastructure make Bali an ideal region for Ukrainian investors who wish to receive a stable income and expand their business opportunities.

Victoria Halitska

Business and passive income opportunities

The development company of Victoria Halitska actually provides a ready-made business model where the investor does not think about anything and simply receives dividends. An example of investing in real estate in Bali:

Let the Ukrainian investor consider the purchase of a one-room apartment in Bali in a tourist location. The average price of such an apartment is $150,000.

Under the terms of the investment plan, the investor can pay 30% of the cost of the apartment upon purchase, which is $45,000. The rest of the amount can be distributed in installments over 5 years.

The rental rate for such an apartment in Bali can start from $100 per day. It is assumed that the apartment is rented for 70% of the year, or 255 days (70% x 365 days).

Therefore, the calculation of the investor’s passive income will be as follows:

255 days x $100 (rental rate) = $25,500 annual income

According to the terms of the project, the investor receives 70% of the income, i.e. $25,500 x 70% = $17,850 per year.

Thus, the investor receives a passive income of $17,850 annually for this apartment in Bali.

Please note that this is only an example and actual income may depend on various factors such as location, quality of accommodation, seasonality of tourist demand and efficiency of property management.

Investing in real estate in Bali has great potential for successful investment and stable passive income. Victoria Halytska’s experience confirms that the real estate market in Bali attracts Ukrainian investors with its prospects and opportunities. It is also important to note Victoria’s role in charity projects that help improve the lives of orphans and contribute to the development of social responsibility in Ukrainian society.

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