Who is Antonia Gentry? Parents, Movies, Boyfriend Wiki, Biography, Net Worth

Antonia Gentry

Do you want to know about the Antonia gentry? Do you want to make look at her life, family, education, relationship, net worth, etc? If yes, then you know everything here. Antonia gentry is a popular name on the internet. She is a 25-year-old American actress who is famous in the TV industry.

She entered in acting industry in 2014 and played a vital role as a teenage driver under “ PSA don’t text and drive pay attention.” Read more to make look at relevant information about Antonia’s gentry.

Biography of the Antonia gentry

Antonia Gentry is a rising star and famous actress in the TV industry. She was born in Atlanta on 25 September 1997. She appeared in Ginny and Georgia recently, which is her Netflix series. She also played the important role of “Ginny” miller in series

The Ginny and Georgia series is in season 2, which was released on 5 September 2022. Before making an entry into the acting field, the Antonia gentry pursues acting at John S. Davidson fine arts magnet school in Georgia. She also completes her graduation in drama at emory university.

Antonia Gentry
Image Source: instagram.com/_antoniagentry_/
Full name Antonia gentry
Date of birth 25 September 1997
Age 25 years old as of now
Profession Acting
Birthplace Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Net worth $3,00,000

Early life and education of Antonia’s gentry

Antonia Gentry is a popular actress in America. She is become so popular by playing an acting role in the Ginny and Georgia series. She also appears in season 2.

She completes her graduation in acting and drama. Of her passion for acting and drama, she was a member of Rathskeller, the comedy improve group, and the university comedy improv troupe while she was pursuing graduation at emory university.

Antonia’s gentry is considered biracial because her father is from America, and her mother is from Jamaica. According to sources, her first appearance in theatres was acting. Tony gentry is her father and Sandra Gentry is her mother.

Father name Tony gentry
Mother name Sandra gentry
Husband name Ezra pounds


Who is the boyfriend of Antonia’s gentry

Once upon a time, the Antonia gentry shared a photo with her boyfriend, Ezra Pounds, on her Instagram account. According to sources, it is determined that they both are school sweethearts. But the fact here is that these photos are not currently present on her Instagram account because she deleted them.

The removal of her boyfriend’s pictures from her social media account creates huge doubts in people’s minds. But it is common that celebrities can remove photos of their boyfriend when they break their life with them.

How old is the Antonia gentry is

The Antonia gentry was born on 25 September 1997 in Atlanta. She was five years old when she takes dreamed of making a career in acting. In 2023, her age is 23 years old. The antona’s mom wrote the best play for community theatres and helped her to learn theatres.

The net worth of Antonia’s gentry

The main source of income for Antonia’s gentry is acting and drama, of which roles she played in web series, shows, etc. According to the latest sources, it is determined that the net worth of Antonia gentry is around $300,000 per annum in 2023.

Career information of Antonia gentry

Earlier, the Antonia gentry starts her career in acting by playing small roles. She also played two shorts in 2015. She also worked well in candy jar film, that was romantic and comedy genre. In fact, she also plays an acting role in 1 episode of superhero television series named Raising Don. Later, she gives in an audition in Ginny and Georgia and plays a well-played role, which was released on Netflix.

Facts about the Antonia gentry

  • She was born in Atlanta, US
  • She is fond of acting and has wanted to make her career in acting since childhood
  • She studied acting and drama at one of the institutions in Georgia


This biography gives you complete information about the Antonia gentry, including her personal life, career, relationship status, net worth, etc.

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