Home Depot Truck Rental 2023 Review

Depot Truck

The prices of the Home Depot rental truck are affordable. This post puts insights into the home depot truck rental reviews in which you know about the price of a truck. The rates of the Home Depot Moving truck are based on the distance of the move. In this, there is a need to refuel all vehicles at the end of rental time.

About moving truck

Moving trucks come with a ramp and help to load the objects in the truck. It does not come with the accompanying dolly. You can easily rent the unloading dolly at Home Depot or bring your own when you get a moving truck.

It is important to give you moving blankets, equipment materials, and strap boxes and ensure that all the items are available before renting the truck. If you also plan to pull the trailer, vehicle, or other thing with the help of a home depot rental truck, then you should be aware of it. Home Depot consists of the accessory hitch only if you rent the towable material.

If not, then you should bring the compatible 2-inch receiver from the hitch. To use the trucks, you have to plan to tow the vehicle that you are quoted.

How much is the rent cost of the truck from home depot

Here are the rental details of the truck or van from home depot. If you also want to rent the truck from them, here are the price you should know.

  • Rent costs $19 per hour
  • Truck rent costs $129 per day
  • Truck rent costs $903 per week.

A standard box truck is more expensive, around $29.75 to rent for 75 minutes, $139 for a week, and $973 for a week. All you need to do is make the deposit of $150

To rent the moving truck, you should give your details and get the rental price. This cost is based on the size and demand of the truck that you want to take on rent.

Is HomeHome Depot selling rental trucks?

Home Depot is the largest construction equipment rental company all over the world. It has more than half a million tools available to rent and makes the revenues of billions of dollars every year by renting these tools. While renting the truck for the project, you should be considered the difference between renting and leasing.

If you have a big construction project and you require a truck for it, then you should rent the truck from home depot. On the other hand, if you do not have a massive construction project, then you can also get a rental truck from home depot.

Understand the truck rental costs by home depot.

Home Depot rental truck costs are determined by the time. You are able to reserve the truck in 75 minutes and rent it at weekly or monthly costs.

The price of home depot trucks will be determined by many factors like the distance at which you need to travel, the days that you use them, and whether it is a round or single trip. Round trips will cost on the basis of final mileage.

You need to deposit for round trip and standard home depot rental trucks. The models and trucks required to be fueled again when to return. It helps you to avoid the additional charges to pay.

Factors that affect the home depot truck rental cost

There are many factors on which the home depot truck rental costs depend. If you also want to rent the home depot trucks, you are aware of the following factors

  1. Fuel cost

There is the need to return the rental with the same gas amount at which the truck is picked up. There is no need to be reimbursed for any gas amount at which you return the truck.

  1. Cost for extra time

You should pay the $5 for every 15 minutes if you rent the truck for a time period of 75 minutes.

  1. Taxes

To know about the taxes, it is suggested to speak with the clerk at the desk of rental services. In this way, you get the right idea of how much current tax is applied to the home depot truck rental process.

  1. Deposit

Home Depot asks for a refundable deposit from you if you want to get local moving services. The refundable deposit charges by home depot are $150

Pros of the home depot moving trucks

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Different options available in trucks to rent
  • Straight and affordable pricing
  • Convenient pickup for clients

Cons of the home depot moving trucks

  • No need to reserve trucks for normal pickups
  • It is tough to budget and knows what time it required to rent the truck
  • There is a need to deposit the $150 to rent a truck from home depot

Jacks and ramps of home depot for rent

Some Home Depot rental trucks come with jacks and ramps. The ramps are used to load the material. You can be considered to rent the ramps with a truck if you face difficulty lifting things in a truck.

Jack is used if you want to load large or heavy items in a truck. So, if you face problems loading large items in a home depot truck, then you can easily rent the jack also.

Ramps for loading

  •  It has a loading capacity of 1,200 pounds
  •  You should give the rent of $14 for four hours and $20 rent for a full day
  • You should also make the refundable deposit of $20  because of credit card


  • Jacks has a loading capacity of 6,000 pounds
  •  You need to pay the rent of $28 for four hours and $40 rent for a full day
  • You should pay the refundable deposit of $50 by credit card to rent Jack


As same as the major companies, the experience you get from home depot depends on the location where you rent. Home Depot provides many services and big business to retail home improvements and review the place where you work.

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