Granular Vs. Liquid Fertilizer: Which Is Right For Your Lawn?


Any lawn care regimen must include fertilising in order to provide the grass the essential nutrients it needs to grow and flourish. The method for fertilising your grass cannot be generalised to all situations. Different lawn fertilisers have varying nutrient compositions, and they frequently need to be administered at the right time. The best fertiliser for your lawn may be determined by the type of grass you have and the nutrients your soil may be lacking.

When you’re ready to purchase fertiliser for your lawn, you’ll need to choose between granular and liquid fertilisers. The answer to the issue of one is better for your lawn than the other is that there is no one best answer. The perfect lawn fertiliser will have the vital nutrients that your lawn care routine is missing. You should be aware of the following.

Soil Test Kit

It is advised that you get a soil test kit before applying fertiliser to your grass. A soil test kit will provide you with the crucial knowledge required to properly nutrient-supply your grass. It will first tell you about your soil’s pH level and whether it should be adjusted for your specific grass. You’ll also find out which vital micronutrients or macronutrients may be lacking. This information will allow you to purchase the product most likely to provide adequate nutrients to your lawn.

Going Granular

Choosing a granular fertilizer has its advantages, and it is really a matter of choice. Granular products tend to produce results more slowly, but they feed your lawn consistently. They only require application every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the product and your lawn’s specific needs. Proper application at the right time of the year is essential for best results. A drop or broadcast spreader is recommended for the application of a granular product.

Liquid Products

Liquid fertilizing products produce fast results, usually in a matter of days, but they must be applied more often. Liquid fertilizers should be applied up to twice per month for optimal results. A backpack sprayer and a turf mark dye indicator are recommended for proper application. Liquid products are very strong, and over-application can kill grass. A turf dye will show where a product has already been applied to prevent over-application.

Liquid products can also be mixed to help find a winning combination for your specific lawn. This appeals to many lawn enthusiasts who wish to eliminate steps or take their lawn care routine to the next level. It is important to be mindful of surrounding water sources and ecosystems when applying both granular and liquid products, as runoff can spill over and cause damage.

Purchase Your Fertilizer Today

If you are preparing your lawn care routine, start with a soil test kit to determine exactly which nutrients your lawn may be missing. Then decide whether you want to use a granular or liquid fertilizer product throughout the season. Be sure you have the proper equipment to apply the products and consider adding a biostimulant to your routine. Biostimulants contain microorganisms that help enhance root growth, vibrancy, and recovery for strong, healthy grass. Don’t forget you will also need to mow regularly and ensure your lawn is getting adequate water. Purchase the right fertilizer for your lawn today.

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