Which country’s game is PUBG, and Who is the owner of PUBG


Today we will know about many information related to PUBG Game. Which country’s game is PUBG? Who is the owner of PUBG Game? You will find much more information in this article. Some people consider this game to be of China, but whatever its truth you will know today. PUBG Game is currently the most played game in the whole world. You must know about such games. Let us know who is the owner of PUBG Game, and which country’s game is it?

Full Form of PUBG

The full form of PUBG is “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds”.

What is PUBG

PUBG is the world’s No. 1 Action Based and Shooting Game which gives its user a very good Gaming Experience, PUBG Game is played in Mobile and Computer but in 2017 when PUBG was launched in India, PUBG was played only in PC and XBOX devices but

Seeing its popularity, it was also launched for mobile devices, after which PUBG became the number 1 game of Game Mobile.

Although this game is popular for many reasons, but the main reason is that anything can happen at any time, there is complete suspense while playing it, which makes this game a better game, and the second reason is that while playing it, you can also talk to other players playing live, in such a situation, you will not feel boring at all while playing this game.

Apart from this, to win this game, you must have good gaming skills and luck as well, because in this game any other player can get you out of this game at any time, this game gives you a very good gaming experience.

Who is the owner of PUBG

The PUBG game was created by Brendan Greene, he was very interested in Gaming, he used to play Action Based and Shooting Game from the beginning, due to which he thought of making his career in Gaming.

Brendan Greene has made a popular game called ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale even before PUBG.

Brendan Greene has worked in many Gaming Company, he has also worked in Sony’s King of the Kill, he worked in Sony company for many years and has been associated with it, and seeing his work, like South Korea’s Popular Gaming Company Bluehole, he got the mail to work in Bluehole and from here the journey of PUBG Corporation started.

The director and designer of PUBG Game is Brendan Greene and the developer of this game is Lightspeed & Quantum, Krafton, PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Corporation is part of the company Bluehole, which is a popular gaming company in South Korea and thus

The owner of PUBG Game is Bluehole Company and the owner of Bluehole Company is Chang Han Kim and he is the CEO of PUBG Game, so the owner of PUBG is Chang Han Kim.

PUBG Game was first made for PC and XBOX and seeing its popularity, Bluehole company thought of launching its game in Android and ISO, so

Bluehole company joined hands with China’s popular gaming company Tencent, where Tencent launched PUBG Mobile App according to the demand of Android and ISO users, which became very popular and today PUBG Game Mobile has become the number 1 game.

Tencent company has 10% share in Bluehole company, from this Tencent is the second largest shareholder of Bluehole company, so I hope now you must have come to know that

The owner of PUBG is Chang Han Kim and he is the CEO of PUBG Game and the director and designer of PUBG Game is Brendan Greene.

Which country’s game is PUBG?

People ask this question in many ways, some people say, which country’s game is PUBG Mobile? And some people, which country’s game is PUBG Lite? Asks questions like this. Let me tell you that this is why it is asked. Because two versions of Pubj were launched. One PUBG Mobile and one PUBG Lite In this, some people believed that both Pubj Lite and Mobile Game App are from different countries. So let’s know, what is the truth after all. Which country’s game is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game created by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean gaming company Bluehole. Which is designed by Brendan Greene. But the publisher of this game is Tencent Gaming (Tencent Holdings Ltd.) a Chinese company. That’s why some people consider this game to be of China.


I hope that you have got information about which country is the PUBG Game and who is the owner of PUBG from our article.

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