Gift Vouchers for a budget-friendly Honeymoon

Gift Vouchers

Who doesn’t love to save? I believe that if you do not gain control over money, the lack of it can control you. Both I & my husband love to save money in whatever way we can. I got married recently, on January 25, 2023. Both of us were caught up with official tasks and thus we decided to postpone our honeymoon by a month. We wanted to make our honeymoon special and searched for the best honeymoon destinations. While scrolling through different sites my husband came across Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers from HDFC SmartBuy!

Both of us are HDFC card holders, and we aced our honeymoon with Instant Vouchers!

We made tonnes of savings with Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers and that’s when I thought of writing how all HDFC card holders can save money without compromising the quality!

On shopping with HDFC Credit Cards & Debit Cards, we got up to 5X Reward Points & 5% Cashback instantly on top of exciting discounts that we availed while shopping for Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers.

Planning a honeymoon with gift cards is a great way to save money. Here are some ways how we made the most of HDFC SmartBuy Instant Vouchers for our honeymoon and saved tonnes:

Shortlist honeymoon destinations

Firstly I & my husband shortlisted the honeymoon destination based on our budget and preferences.

Research travel options

The next thing we did was scroll through the best deals available on HDFC SmartBuy. Then, research sites that is offering the best deals on booking flights, hotels, or honeymoon packages.

Get the Gift Card make Instant savings & proceed with reservations

After scrolling and skimming we decided to grab Make My Trip Gift Vouchers!

We got a flat 4% discount and saved ₹200 on each MMT voucher brought.

As Infinia card holders we got 5X reward points too which were worth ₹800 on each Make My Trip Gift Card.

After buying the gift cards we redeemed them for booking our flight tickets & train tickets.

We wanted to spend some quality time enjoying the journey, so we booked AC first-class coupe compartment.

For our stay, we wanted to spend some good layover luxurious quality time so we chose the best with Taj Hotels Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers from HDFC SmartBuy. On each Taj Hotels Gift Voucher, we saved a lot of money as we redeemed the points we earned during the whole shopping venture.

We played a little wise and saved on local traveling by getting OLA Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers.

We availed Flat 10% OFF on OLA Instant Vouchers that we redeemed all throughout our local rides during our honeymoon time. After all, it feels nice to hold hands and travel in the backseat of the car with your favorite person after proudly planning and sensibly saving the hard-earned bucks!

My husband & I love to eat so we explored the best F&B deals on SmartBuy and grabbed Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers that could satisfy our cravings while we spend our romantic quality time together.

I truly felt that pre-planning the whole Honeymoon trip saved us a lot, we were almost cashless throughout the trip, as most of the things we had pre-booked by redeeming the Gift Vouchers we got, and for the rest, we just had to share the code to redeem the Voucher!

To do a budget-friendly honeymoon trip it’s important to keep a track of your expenses. We did that planning seamlessly with HDFC Instant Vouchers to ensure we stay within our budget.

By planning your honeymoon with gift cards, you can save money and have a memorable trip. Just be sure to plan ahead and research your options to make the most out of your gift cards.

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