7 Best Egg Boilers In India

Egg Boiler

A well-boiled egg may make a wonderful complement to your breakfast or a wholesome snack. Eggs are a versatile and healthy dish that many people appreciate. However, achieving the requisite consistency might be challenging. Egg boilers are useful in this circumstance.

Egg boilers make the process of perfectly boiling eggs simple because of their cutting-edge features and usability. We list the top 7 egg cookers in India in this article so you may easily start your day with delectably cooked eggs.

  1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Kent Instant Egg Boiler
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Because of its outstanding performance and convenient features, the Kent Instant Egg Boiler is a popular option. With three separate modes, it may boil up to seven eggs at once in soft, medium, or hard-boiled conditions. You can get consistent results every time, thanks to its one-touch operation and automated shut-off feature. The Kent egg boiler looks great on any kitchen countertop thanks to its sleek and small design.

  1. Prestige Egg Boiler

Prestige Egg Boiler
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The Prestige Egg Boiler is another top competitor in the market and is renowned for its excellence and dependability. It has an adjustable water level indication and can cook up to seven eggs at once, according to your preferred egg consistency. By preventing overheating and dry boiling, the boiler’s built-in safety measures guarantee that your eggs will cook perfectly without any problem. The Prestige Egg Boiler is a fantastic option for daily usage thanks to its stylish design and robust construction.

  1. Inalsa Oggi Egg Boiler

Inalsa Oggi Egg Boiler
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An appliance with a ton of features that combines convenience and functionality is the Inalsa Oggi Egg Boiler. It has a built-in measuring cup to ensure precise water levels for varying egg consistency and can cook up to seven eggs at once. The boiler’s versatility is increased by the addition of a poaching tray and an omelette tray. The Inalsa Oggi Egg Boiler ensures consistently flawless boiled eggs thanks to its simple operation and automated shut-off feature.

  1. Goodway Electric Egg Boiler

Goodway Electric Egg Boiler
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The Goodway Electric Egg Boiler is a great option if you’re searching for a cost-effective yet effective egg boiler. This little boiler, which can boil up to seven eggs at once, is ideal for single people or small families. It has a water measuring cup for increased convenience and a stainless steel heating plate for even heating. The Goodway Electric Egg Boiler is a well-liked choice among customers on a tight budget due to its durable design and simple maintenance requirements.

  1. Simxen Egg Boiler

Simxen Egg Boiler
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A flexible kitchen tool that provides a variety of cooking methods to fit your preferences is the Simxen Egg Boiler. With its adjustable trays, it can boil up to seven eggs, poach three eggs, or even cook an omelette. To enhance safety and prevent overcooking, the boiler has an auto-shutoff feature and a buzzer indicator. The Simxen Egg Boiler’s modern and contemporary design streamlines your breakfast routine while adding a touch of beauty to your kitchen.

  1. Cello Electric Egg Boiler

The Cello Electric Egg Boiler is made to boil eggs quickly and conveniently. It has a seven-egg capacity and a programmable timer for personalized egg consistency. The boiler is a dependable option due to its integrated safety features, which include overheating protection and automatic shut-off. The Cello Electric Egg Boiler is a fantastic choice for people looking for hassle-free egg boiling thanks to its small size and simple-to-clean components.

  1. Russell Hobbs REG300 300- watt Egg cooker.

Russell Hobbs REG300-300 Watts Fully Automatic Egg Cooker
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Up to seven eggs can be cooked at once with the Russell Hobbs REG300 Egg Cooker, a strong and effective device. It cooks eggs to perfection rapidly with its 300-watt power output. For effective and reliable cooking, the boiler has a stainless-steel heating plate and a steam vent.


Purchasing a high-quality egg boiler will greatly simplify your morning routine and guarantee consistently flawless boiled eggs. The 7 top egg boilers in India offer a range of features to accommodate various needs and price ranges, including the Kent Instant Egg Boiler, Prestige Egg Boiler, Inalsa Oggi Egg Boiler, Goodway Electric Egg Boiler, Simxen Egg Boiler, and Cello Electric Egg Boiler.

Your mornings will be more fun and nourishing if you select one of these dependable machines so that you can have delectable cooked eggs without any guesswork or hassle.

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