Best Pressure Cookers In India (2023)


The pressure cooker is an essential thing to use in the kitchen. It is commonly used to make vegetables every day in the kitchen. People use the pressure cooker to make vegetables like dal, chole, rajma, and many more items. But all the pressure cookers are not working the same. Some pressure cookers work better than others.

There are many pressure cookers available in the market, which makes it tough for people to choose the best from these. In this article, we are going to tell you the best pressure cookers available in India.

  1. Hawkins stainless steel pressure cooker

Many Indian dishes need multiple ingredients to be made and have complicated flavour profiles. On the other hand, many dishes require a few ingredients. People who make Indian dishes need a versatile pressure cooker. The Hawkins steel cooker is the best choice because it works on a stove or burner range. It works best on electric stoves or gas ranges.

  1. Prestige popular aluminium pressure cooker

The pan of this prestige cooker is made up of 18/8 grade stainless steel. This is the reason why it is a strong, durable, and safe pressure cooker to use in the kitchen. Your food will cook evenly and completely with this pressure cooker. The best thing about the Prestige cooker steel is that it has a handle that is made of durable and strong plastic.

  1. Butterfly cordial aluminium pressure cooker 3L

Butterfly cordial aluminium pressure cooker 3L is the best pressure cooker available in India. You can easily buy the special version of this pressure cooker that is used easily on induction stovetops.The best thing about this cooker is that it has a gasket release system and a metallic safety plug. It senses the pressure and amount of steam that remains in the cooker.

  1. Pigeon Aluminium Pressure Cooker

This Pigeon 3 Litre pressure cooker is manufactured with quality aluminium. The material used to make this pressure cooker made it more durable and strong than other pressure cookers. You will surely love the plastic handles that help you to use them easily. The plastic handle ensures the strong grip of people who use it. This is the reason a pressure cooker by a pigeon is the best cooker choice for Indian families. The Pigeon 3 Litre pressure cooker is well working modern women’s friend because it helps you to cook well when you place it on a large or hot flame.

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  1. Hawkins Hevibase Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hawkins is the best pressure cooker in India, partly due to its strong and thick base. It is composed of two aluminium layers. It performs two functions, a flat or stable base, that permit you to properly distribute heat. It cooks food properly and evenly. It is considered the latest pressure cooker in India due to its good use in a small family of 3-4 people. The base is circular and 288 millimetres in circumference.

  1. Pigeon Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Pigeon by Stovekraft Deluxe Aluminium Pressure Cooker is made from quality aluminium of the best grade. The best thing is that this pressure cooker is light when held as a feather. It is able to hold 12 litres of liquid or food. It has a flat base that is good for the latest cooker. It is suggested not to use this pressure cooker on induction stoves.

  1. Hawkins Aluminium Pressure Cooker

This pressure cooker is designed well for long-lasting use. Hawkins cooker is made up of great quality stainless steel. It is considered an anodized pressure cooker that makes it durable and stronger and cooks food quickly. It is available in different sizes, 2 litres, 3 litres, 3.5 litres, 4 litres, and 6.5 litres. This feature makes this pressure cooker best for a family of any size.


Here are the best pressure cookers available in india. Stainless steel material is better to use because it is made up of an alloy of metals that are durable, strong, and of high quality. You can choose any of the best pressure cookers and buy them for your own cooking use.

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