The 10 Best Grout Removal Tools of 2023

Best Grout Removal Tools of 2023

It is exciting for people to take on a home improvement project, but it is not easy for them to remove grout. Grout is a dense material that makes gaps and seals joints on tiled surfaces.

Dirty, old grout is the major offender in making the kitchen or bathroom look shabby. So, it is good to remove the grout and refresh the space. The grout removal process is considered a labor-intensive process.

For this, there is a need to use the right tools and make the process quick and smooth. In this guide, we are going to tell you about the 10 best grout removal tools  of 2023

  1. ENERTWIST oscillating tool

ENERTWIST oscillating tool
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It is tough for people to remove grout without using the right tools. Thanks to the availability of oscillating tools that come with the curved blade, and become the best tool to remove grout between the tiles. It also comes with multiple cutting blades that make it ideal to use for home renovations and woodworking projects. The weight of the oscillating tool is around 3 pounds. It means it is not a lightweight tool. But still, it affects a lot of users.

  1. ReeTree grout removal tool

ReeTree grout removal tool
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the ReeTree grout remover is the best choice of the grout removal tool. The tungsten steel tips of this tool are able to handle the sanded and unsanded grout.

There are three shapes available in the grout tool that are designed for moderate, fine, and deep penetration in tiles. In this way, it increases the efficiency and removes grout quickly. The best features of this tool are the 13-inch length and ergonomic grip that makes it easier for people to clean hard-to-reach places and reduce fatigue.

  1. QEP grout removal tool

QEP grout removal tool
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The QEP grout removal tool is a modern tool that has a 9-inch length. The head of this grout removal tool has a blade in a triangular shape. There are six sharpened scraping edges that help to improve the work efficiency while removing the grout.

It is the ideal tool to use to remove grout in small spaces and tight areas. It is used behind the toilet, in room corners, or under the sink.

  1. DEWALT Oscillating tool kit

DEWALT Oscillating tool kit
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You do not need to worry about tripping on the power cord when the DEWALT oscillating tool kit is available for you. These grout removal tools ensure that you quickly and efficiently remove it. The weight of this tool is 2.6 pounds, and it comes with charges and a battery, which means you can easily charge the battery when it is not in use.

DEWALT oscillating tool kit has also come with the added built-in flashlight. Keep in your mind that this tool or flashlight is not operated if the battery is not charged.

  1. DEWALT Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw
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The DEWALT reciprocating saw uses a 12-amp motor to remove the type of grout quickly. It gives you consistent power output. It is paired with the grabber blade and takes the benefits of a speed trigger to increase control. If you want to avoid damaged tiles, then this grout removal tool is best for you.

The lever action blade of the DEWALT grout removal tool ensures to make fast blade changes. The four positions of the blade help to increase the versatility.

  1. PORTER-CABLE Angle grinder

PORTER-CABLE Angle grinder
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If you want to remove the old or big grout, then the PORTER-CABLE is the best tool for you. It comes with a powerful 7-inch motor that removes the grout in a perfect way. This tool is quickly cut by grout, and its sturdy design makes it easy for people to use it for a long time.

This tool weighs 4 pounds, and the wheel guard of this tool helps to protect your hands and face while you grind away.

  1. Dremel rotary tool

Dremel rotary tool
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The Dremel grout removal tool is one of the best tools in the rotary tool category. It features a variable speed dial lying from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM, which is sufficient to power for sanded or unsanded grout removal.

The ergonomic and versatile design of this tool increases control and makes it useful for a long time. This versatile tool ensures the glass cutting or finish sanding and grout removal, which has 30 different accessories, a carrying case, and two attachments.

  1. MU Moon grout removal tool

MU Moon grout removal tool
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If you want to use the powerful grout removal tool clean and remove the old grout, then you should use the MU Moon grout removal tool. It permits you to place the new grout and gives a clean look to the space by removing the old grout. This tool ensures the cleaning of tiles, which is exhausting and difficult to do. It has its own blade and additional three blades that help you to remove the grout easily.

  1. ABN carbide grout removal tool

ABN carbide grout removal tool
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The ABN Grout Removal tool is designed specially to remove unwanted pieces of thin-set, grout, caulking, mortar, etc. This grout tool helps you to scrape off tiles’ corners and reach tighter spots.

If you are doing a small job where efficient, functional, and multi-purpose tools are needed to handle the tiles, then this tool is an ideal option for you. This tool helps you to get rid of the deep-seated group that consists of inside the tiles.

  1. Regrout tool

Regrout tool
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Regrout grout removal tool is best to use if you are involved in do-it-yourself activities. It is also an ideal tool to use if you are working as an interior designer,  tile setter, or general contractor. Never be fooled by the appearance of this grout tool because its size is less than expected, but it works dynamically. The best thing is that this tool is not overheating even if you use it for the whole day.


Usually, all the above grout tools are best to use. But the ENTERWIST grout tool is an ideal option for grout removal because it has a powerful 4.2amp motor and six modes of settings.

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