How Do I Say “Hello” In Japanese?


When communicating with people from Japan, extend your appreciation through an acclamatory greeting by utilizing the versatile phrase known as “konnichiwa.” This accommodating expression functions as an inclusive opening that is subsequently adaptable through any time of the day. “Hello” and “good day” are commonly used to translate the phrase into English.

Expect Japanese salutations to fluctuate according to formalities and timing- with greetings such as “konbanwa” fitting for evening conversations while “ohayou gozaimasu” is better for morning addresses.

Above all else, denoting deference remains an essential aspect of Japanese societal expectations; try addressing individuals with honorifics, namely “san” or “sama,” after including their name out of respect. With these greetings forming a basis, conversations can be respectfully initiated with non-Japanese speakers.

  1. Konnichiwa

The best way to welcome someone in the Japanese language is Konnichiwa. It is the right way for both informal and formal settings and can be used at any time of the day.

  1. Ohay gozaimasa

Saying gozaimasa in Japanese is a polite way to say hello. Mostly, it is used to say “ good morning “ to someone in japan language.

  1. Ohay

Using ohay to say hello is the informal way in Japanese. It is best fit to say hay to relatives and friends in a casual manner to say hello.  

  1. Konbanwa

Mostly, the korban word is used to say “ good evening” in Japanese. You can easily used this phrase in both formal and informal way

  1. Oyasumi nasai

 Oyasumi nasai is used to invite someone farewell who is ready to bed. Using this word to say “ good night” to someone in Japanese is best.

  1. Tadaima

Tadaima is the new phrase used to say “ hello” in Japanese. This word means “I’m home” or “I’m back,” when someone enters in location or returns home.

  1. Ittekimasu

 This word is used when you leave any location or house. The meaning of this word is translated to “ I am off.”

  1. Iterasshai

The response to the “Ittekimasu” shows the “Please go and come back safely.” It is used to give farewell to someone

  1. Okaerinasai

The word “ okaerinassi” is used in Japanese to say hello. It is the best way to greet someone, with the meaning of “ welcome back.”

  1. Gokigen ikaga desu ka

It is a polite way to talk to someone. It also suggest the another meaning, that is “How are you feeling?”

  1. Otsukaresama desu

This word is used to thank someone for their best work or to appreciate their achievements.

  1. Saynara

This phrase in Japanese is used to say  “goodbye” to someone. It is considered as the parting way with someone for a specific time.


Properly greeting others holds significant weight within traditional Japanese norms as it echoes a high degree of respect towards conventions. As such, using the correct method for saying “hello” would depend on specific circumstances pertinent to formality or etiquette levels in society.

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