What is the full form of B.Com?


Bachelor of Commerce, popularly known as B.Com, is an undergraduate degree that gives you a specialization in commerce. Most of the students, who have done their 12th class in commerce, enroll for a B.Com degree. Even arts and science students can switch streams after class 12th and join B.Com degree. You will also know what is the full form of B.Com.

B.Com is a popular degree with great employment potential. It also builds a strong foundation for further education. You can do a lot with B.Com. How to do B.Com? What is B.Com course? What is the qualification required to do B.Com, and what is taught in B.Com course? We will read all this below in what is the full form of B.Com

This is 1 regular course and private also as we consider 10th 12th class as necessary, in the same way regular is also important. B.Com means bachelor of commerce i.e. only things related to finance are taught in it.

B.Com Full Form – What is B.Com course?

The full form of B.Com is Bachelor of Commerce. This is called Bachelor of Commerce. It is a bachelor’s degree in commerce stream. B.Com is a three-year bachelor’s degree offered by various colleges and universities in India. It is a fundamental graduation qualification that qualifies commerce graduates for post graduate degrees like M.com and MBA.

Those students who could not pass the B.Com degree in 3 years can pass it in a few years depending on the education policy of an institution. Most of the institutes change Optional Subject in 2 years based on one’s performance or choice.

B.Com degree is considered to be the second most preferred degree for those people who are not able to get admission in Science and who think that Arts degree is similar to Commerce degree. B.Com degree is offered in many different subjects to train the candidates in one field. B.Com provides students with a wide range of managerial skills and competence in one area. It equips the students with the knowledge of Accounting Principles, Exports and Import Laws, Economic Policies and other aspects affecting business.

Commerce Graduates students have many career options. In this, students get good options in both private and public sectors where they can work as Accountants, Cashiers, Auditors, Taxation Specialists etc. and you can also apply for Professional Courses like CA, CS, CFA and ICWA.

B.Com Subjects

B.Com mainly emphasizes on Accounts, Economics and Mathematics. You can see below the list of B.Com Subjects taught in various colleges and universities.

  • Business Law
  • Economics
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Management
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Financial Ratios

Job Profile for B.Com Students

The student who completes the B.Com degree gets the opportunity to do a good job in many jobs. He can do jobs in both private and government sectors, for this we have given some list, seeing which you can apply in it.

  • Auditor
  • Economist
  • Accountant
  • Stock broker
  • Sales analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Finance Officer
  • Business consultant

Who should do B.Com

B.Com It develops the art and ability of accounting, finance as well as management management.

From this, knowledge of banking, finance, marketing, accounting and business and law will be gained in subjects used in daily life.

By doing this one can start his/her profession and for this Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, ICWA can do Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, ICWA.

Benefits of B.Com Course

There are more job opportunities for the youth doing B.Com because there is no such company which does not have a manager or finance expert. A person studying B.Com can better understand all the work related to the company.

Master’s degree course- B.Com After doing M.Com or CA after B.Com, the options of getting very good jobs in government, public and private sectors open up. For this, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the subject and knowledge of computer applications.

B.Com passed youth get a good understanding of business and entrepreneurship. They get knowledge of their daily operations by registering a business. So that he can open his online shopping or e-commerce portal or any other startup / business.


In this post, you have learned about B Com Full Form and also know about the history of B Com Full Form, I hope that now you have got all the information about B.com.

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