Derrick Jaxn: Wiki, Age, Family, Height, Career, Net Worth, girlfriend, and more

Derrick Jaxn

Who is he?

In Alabama, United States, on July 20, 1989, Derrick Jaxn was born. He is 32 years old right now. Cancer is his zodiac sign. Derrick Jaxn typically identifies as African American, and he is of black or dark racial group origin. He has American citizenship. His parents were already living apart when he was born. His mother raised him and his four older siblings.

Darren Jax Name in Wiki: Derrick Jaxn

Derrick Jaxn, a pen name

Birthday: July 20

Year of Birth 1989

Age (in 2022): 33

USA’s Alabama, the state of birth city-USA – Los Angeles


Height- 1.95 metres, or 6 feet 5 inches,

Weight -297 lbs. or 112 kg.

Having black eyes

Color of hair: black

African-American ethnicity

Religion: Christian

Relationship Status: Married Da’Naia Broadus is the wife.

College: Business and information science college

Credentials in terms of education: Bachelor of Science degree holder

School: NA

Career: You Tuber

Income: $1 million



Early Years:

Derrick Jaxn is an American YouTuber who is popular because he is a relationship expert on his channel. Romance and relationships are common topics in his private vlog videos. He has more than 6.5k subscribers on YouTube.

American author and YouTube personality Derrick Jaxn. He even has a status as a relationship expert. Derrick is best known for his own YouTube channel, which he uses to talk love and relationships. Derrick Jaxn’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2022.

Derrick Jaxn’s wife is Da’Naia Broadus, with whom he is wed. After a prolonged relationship, they were blessed with the birth of their daughter Marley Jaxn in October 2016. The union was held in November 2016. In January 2018, Derrick and her bride Da’Naia exchanged wedding vows. Broadus, the father’s wife, put on over 64 pounds after giving birth to a daughter.

In January 2017, he and his wife Broadus started working out. She was able to deal with her anxiety issues as well as fit properly in her wedding dress thanks to it. Da’Naia stays at home to look after their daughter and supports Derrick in his business matters. The pair also mentioned their desire for two more children. Jaxn’s earlier.

Derrick Jaxn Education-

Derrick Jaxn is a known person with a good education. He graduated from the prestigious college of business and information science with a Bachelor of Science. The subject of Derrick’s schooling has frequently come up among his supporters. In his videos, he has also discussed it.

College: Business and information science college

Education requirements:

Have a bachelor’s degree in science.

School: NA

Derrick Jaxn Career-

American YouTuber Derrick Jaxn is well-known as a relationship expert on his channel. Romance and relationships are prominent topics in his private vlog videos. He has a large number of subscribers on YouTube. Derrick recently caused a great deal of buzz when he honestly and openly confessed to having an extramarital affair.

Derrick’s YouTube jchannel, Derrick Jaxn, currently has more than 630k subscribers. He participated in sports during his time in college.

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Derrick Jaxn on YouTube-

Derrick Jaxn’s books include Don’t Forget Your Crown, I Still Want It, A Cheating Man’s Heart, A Cheating Man’s Heart 2, I Still Deserve It, Single Mother is for Grown Men Only, and I’ve Come Too Far. He has also written nine critically acclaimed short stories. He earned a decent amount of money from the novels that were released.

Derrik began working for a Fortune 500 company in salesand marketing right after graduating. His YouTube channel was launched in December 2010. Since then, he has been creating videos on the subject of love and the dos and don’ts of romance.

Derrick Jaxn Net Worth-

Darren Jax Derrick’s net worth is reported to be around $1 million. This includes his property, funds, and earnings. His work as a social media personality is his primary source of income. Jaxn has been able to build up wealth through his multiple sources of income, yet he likes to live simply. However, he has chosen to live a modest lifestyle while doing fairly well in business and making a decent amount of money.

Jaxn’s Controversies-

In 2020, two women came forward and claimed they had a relationship with Jaxn, generating a controversy surrounding him. Candice De Medeiros, one of the women, claimed that Jaxn had scheduled a weekend trip with her for July 2020. His wife left him after finding out about his extramarital affairs, and they were apart for the majority of 2020.

2020 saw the divorce petition from Derrick Jaxn’s wife, who had discovered her husband’s immorality. On August 28, 2020, Da’Naia Jackson filed for divorce from the relationship expert. On October 2, 2020, she filed to have the divorce petition rejected.

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