Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having Similar Characteristics Partner


Yes, opposites attract, but feathers from the same bird tend to flock together too. Being with someone who is the mirror image in terms of hobbies and personality is the best idea, but it comes with the same share of problems, but it may come with its share of problems. Having Hindu or Punjabi marriage and being with one who is from the same background.

The consequences of similarities

Researchers said that it is similar to alternatives than complementary personality attributes which help couples persevere. It is recorded which similar couples are in a way similar. Each one is different, and we all share different beliefs, values, and desires. It is about having the balance between being the same enough to stand the tests which inevitably occur in relationships.

Let’s know what you need to watch out for if both of you are on the similar page of the same book:

Advantages of being with the similar partner

  • Loving the same things: wow! It means the weekend is sorted out and you get to do something similar to what you want without any harmful glances from your partner. Sharing the same hobbies is the best reason to be with someone who has a similar outlook as you.
  • Knowing each other: when you are with someone who has identical personality traits as you, reading each other gets easier. Your lady is not exactly a declaration for you as you understand all smile, frown, laugh, and gasp, that takes the communication and understanding between you two to a certain level.
  • Being comfortable: when partners are alike, your comfort zone turns extra cozy. You both fall into designated roles and your life together is content and partners day in and out. You may think it is the start of your lovely ever after, so it may also lead to disaster.
  • Similar goals: partners who share many things in common and are similar are generally on the same track when it comes to professional lives. Having someone going through something similar as you are in the working area could be engaging and reassuring.

Disadvantages of being with your mirror image as your partner

  • Loving the same person: having too many similarities often means that the partners are not going to push each other to have something new. Also having similar things with the common person all the time could get tedious.
  • Knowing each other: it is easier to push each other’s legs. Surely, you know what makes another smile, but what tickles them off? So in any conversation that may take you to a certain level, we are sure your arguments catch fire in a few seconds.
  • Similar goals: even if you choose someone from the best matrimonial sites with the same goals as you, there is a chance you turn into competitors. You may eventually start becoming rivals for each other which may get nasty.
  • Being comfortable: having a partner who I exactly like is great in the long run and may lead to a happy couple, provided you both take the time to grow different interests.

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