A Guide To Maximo Nivel

Maximo Nivel

Maximo nivel is one of the leading organizations in the fields of travelling, internal education and studying abroad in places like Peru, Guatemala and Costa Rica. This organization also holds the top ranking for being a local provider in Latin America, specializing in some specific areas for people who wish to volunteer.

An insight into Maximo Nivel

Ken Jones and Giovanna founded this organization. This organization operates for other educational institutes in Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala. This organization originated when Ken and Giovanna were living in Cusco, Peru, and they realized the urgent need for native English teachers, client services and small class sizes.

Like many people, these two also felt that by starting this organization, they could deliver something special and help those in need. As this organization grew, they began to follow the idea of an ‘intercultural centre. Now sixteen years later, from the start of the organization, this organization has been booming in bringing many people together through programs such as Volunteer Abroad, Spanish Immersion, and International Internships, among others.

This organization has allowed so many people to volunteer in the orphanages of Costa Rica, teaching English to the people of Peru and serving in the medical missions going on in Guatemala and so many other things. Working in this organization is kind of like feet on a street. The members of these organization are constantly performing a large number of employees, which help them with their project infrastructure in all three countries. They regularly invest in the staff and facilities they will be providing.

Features of Maximo Nivel

One of the main focuses of this program is to take good care of all of their volunteers; they make sure to do everything for their side to keep up the confidence of all their volunteers. Maximo nivel also takes the help of facilitators and dedicated multilingual and multicultural instructors who are ready for help 24/7.

The main focus of this organization is to maintain its status as an ethical, professional and hard-working organization solely dedicated towards the best possible experience for each student, client and volunteer. Some of their goals are:

  1. Work towards the impact they will have on each of their volunteers and the project site they will work.
  2. Please ensure all their programs are of the highest quality, affordable and safe for the people.
  3. Helping people with their experience of world-class education, cultural travel and several adventures.
  4. Providing the best possible Spanish language immersion out there.
  5. Organizing excellent opportunities for people for international work experience and some of the most amazing internships.
  6. Please help with the training of the world-class ESL teachers and also certify them.

Travelling with Maximo Nivel

The programs and travel projects under maximo nivel are open for travellers irrespective of their interests and backgrounds. It doesn’t matter where you belong; if you are interested in their programs, they are more than happy to welcome you. They are not just an education organization but have also become a brand for education travelling.

They provide various kinds of options to all of their travellers, such as solo travelling opportunities or travelling opportunities for university or high school students, families, retirees or groups consisting of young or adult people. They have so many varieties among their travellers that sometimes defining an average participant in their travelling opportunities takes effort. Their travelling programs are made of people whose age group ranges from older to younger people every year.

They also have an association with various study abroad and university groups; these groups can be either student-led or faculty; all of these groups are included in the travelling opportunities. Maximo nivel also offers a Spanish Camp for high schoolers in Costa Rica during the summer holidays. Most of the people who participate in the activities led by this organization belong from Europe, the United States and Canada.

Some fantastic opportunities with Maximo Nivel

This organization successfully provides some fantastic opportunities in Peru, Guatemala and Costa Rica institutes. The main focus of all of these programs is to help all participants have a cultural immersion experience. They provide all their volunteers opportunities such as studying Spanish, interning abroad and teaching English.

Everyone who volunteers with the programs under this organization receives so much more than just a vacation; they also get life-changing educational travel. The time durations of these programs range between a week to a year. These programs are designed to focus on specific topics or areas and can always be customized by several combinations of activities according to the need of the situation.

International Internships

This program Maximo Nivel is excellent for people looking for volunteer experience for their college credits. Also, it is a perfect option for someone looking for opportunities abroad for professional development. Under their program, many volunteer opportunities are available, such as contributing to an NGO or any government agency, teaching in public schools or working with small businesses.

People interested in medical opportunities will also have something for them under this program. With the help of the hospitality and tourism program, which Maximo Nivel runs, volunteers can gain experience in the field of marketing, sales and client services, which can be very valuable in the future. Also, people who wish to work in the special needs field can always find fantastic educational internships through this program.

Volunteer Abroad

With the help of this program, volunteers can choose a social issue of their choice, work on it and help make a difference and make this world a much better place to live. They can choose from programs ranging from teaching English, childcare, animal care, medical and healthcare, conservation of sea turtles, preservation of the beach, jungle reforestation, working with indigenous communities and construction.

When you volunteer with this program, you also get the chance to work and live in Latin America. This also helps people to experience a new culture while providing their support in local development. The fees of all of the programs are affordable and transparent to the public. This money is taken from the people so the program’s officials can take care of their volunteers’ food, safety and housing.

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